This article will be guiding you with the steps for blocking ads on your Android. Blocking of ads on Android phones has been made hard by its license owner, Google. This is because recently Google has banned most of the ads blocking application from its play store. Two of the most popular ads blocking application like “Adaway” and “Adblockplus” are not available in the Google play store. This shows that Android phone users won’t be capable of downloading Ads blocking applications on their phone at once. This may be hazardous to most of the users because it becomes very difficult to play with games or apps which are ads pron. First of all the screens provided for phones are comparingly small and on that if we do not get rid of advertisements while using any applications or apps it becomes very much annoying for the user. So the only option left with you is, side blocking. You might be wondering, what is this side blocking? This is nothing but an application which helps you download “non android market” applications on your phone.  So this simple application will facilitate you to acquire rid of those irritating ads by allowing you to download ads blocking application effortlessly.  And for your kind information this side blocking application is applicable only for rooted android phones. You will see three ways to operate with this application. Of these three, first one is to directly download from websites through your mobile web browser, the second is from computer to your phone via Application installer or File manager and the last but not the least, is to install from your computer to your Android phone using the Android Software Development Kit. So let’s cause a look at step by step procedure on how you can get rid of ads via side blocking.

How to Block Ads in Android Apps, Games And Browsers

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Measure 1: All the android based applications are stored in the APK file format. So, in case if your android phone is not downloaded with the APK file format, then you download it from Google play.


Measure 2: Once you have completed measure 1 then go to the settings menu and choose an application. After this, check on “unknown sources”. This will permit you to download ads blocking applications from other than android market, which from my point of persuasion is a good choice to give birth. As at today’s date we can find number of blocking applications out of android market, which is counted as time saving. As soon as it is enabled, you will receive an alert message. You just click on OK option.


Measure 3: Straightaway you can download any ads blocking application by opening a web browser of your phone.


Measure 4: As noted earlier, you can still download “Adaway” or “Adblock plus” (most popular ads blocking applications).

Incase if you require to download non-market applications for your Android device, then you necessitate to watch the remainder of the two ways which are a bit complicated.

If your phone is un-rooted, and so the only option left with you is, changing browser’s settings to stop advertisements.