Industries that involve high-value goods and services often depend on repeat business. Whether you are in real estate or car sales, existing customers who come back or send in referrals are significant to the bottom line. It isn’t easy to make either happen, though, for high-value products sales are often occasional. One needs to be creative in finding ways to keep in touch with existing or past customers.

Simple Strategies for Reconnecting With Past

Set up a robust social plan

While you could certainly task a sales team to call clients up periodically to ask about their experience with their last purchase, it’s a far better idea to connect through social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. A quick word once in a while can give your name easy recall. It does take a highly trained marketing and content management team to make a success of such a plan.

Flatter them by reading them

If your customer runs a blog, a YouTube video channel or a website, it’s an excellent idea to read what they create, and have thoughtful comments to offer where comments are allowed.

Keep them in touch with news at your business

Every occurrence of interest at your business, minor or major — a change of contact information, a new kind of business area added and so on — should be on a newsletter that goes out to every past client. While it makes sense to not overdo it, once a month on average should be optimal.

Make things fun with a lottery

Pick the contacts that seem most promising, and send them lucky-win scratch cards, announcing a prize on each one. You don’t need to target any more than five or six clients each month. If the prize is an object of value, it can make a good impression, even if it is small.

Wish them on their birthday or anniversary

It’s always a good idea to reach out on a client’s birthday, wedding or other anniversary, and remind them of the last time they bought something significant from you. It needs to be more than a simple, wistful greeting about how long it’s been. You need an angle, which you can usually get by talking about tips on making a smart purchase, maintenance ideas and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with a party

Everyone loves a fun outing, and it can be to the benefit of the business to give valued customers a great evening. While your guests spend the evening at the party that you’ve arranged, you can work in conversations about the possibility of future business.

Set up a client appreciation program

According to marketing major Now Blitz, client appreciation is a plan wherein you identify the most promising clients, and find ways to honor them. A number of ideas can work, from something as simple as a few Starbucks vouchers or movie tickets, to mentions in the company’s newsletter and high-value gifts. It all depends on the business.

Cultivating long-term relationships can be extremely important as a way to achieve sustainable revenue in both a robust economy and a faltering one. The fundamental idea should be to bring authenticity to every gesture. It’s the authenticity that makes clients sit up and take notice.