Halloween is among the popular festival all around the world. Some regard them as the Devil’s festival or even the festival of Hell but it is half truth. Basically this festival is associated with the completion of entire growing season. At the same time it is also said to be reflecting the arrival of the winter. Some folk stories are also linked with it that says it to act as an intermediate with life and dead and says that living will appear to shroud as dead. The beginning of this tradition had its origin somewhere in any corner of Celts and above all it is said to be the combination of two best rituals of universe-Roman and Catholic. The name goes for such unique ritual is Halloween.

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black dahlia makeup halloween

Halloween and its relation with Black Dahlia

Halloween is associated with many type of makeovers and Black Dahlia is popular among all. this is the most beautiful ghost and people love to dress like this beautiful ghost., The reason behind their dressing up in this pattern it’s their love and curiosity for Elizabeth, Hollywood picturesque dreadful end and the twist that resulted her as Black Dahlia.

What was this Black Dahlia?

Some consider it as a ghost other’s considering it as an unrevealed murder mystery. 67 years is a long time and it has remained suspense till now. A scary and deadly story which was capable of taking anyone’s nerve out of their body! This story is packed with terror and could leave anyone in a situation where the mind will be forced to ask if it was a human who did it? Rendezvous with this term may let you consider it as a Dahlia species but it is a name of a tragic end of a beautiful story and not that of a Dahlia given by media.

Her tragic death

It is among the most horror and inhuman murder recorded till now on the 15th of January, 1947. Like a live statue her body was cut in the most inhuman manner in two halves from the middle part of the body and even some monster marks were seen in the face and the breast portion od this beautiful lady. The most beautiful face created by god (Elizabeth) was converted into highly horrified manner. The way her face was ruined, it left many questions to humanity whether it was really a human or a monster behind it. This was not the end of suspense and trauma. in the history of death stories this was the most uncommon one as a list of people came in front and was ready to take the blame.

Human or inhuman, it is still a mystery but what one knows is the fact that it had earned a great fame among Halloween makeup. People actually enjoy turning themselves into beautiful ghosts and reminds about the sad and ugly ending of beautiful Elizabeth.

Makeup of Black Dahlia on Halloween

Firstly you need to dab foundation on the corners of the mouth. Put a piece of tissue on it and ensure that it sticks there. Stick it properly. Put some more tissue there. Repeat it on both sides. Apply foundation on entire face including the tissue area. Apply face powder on top of it. Use Mac brush on your Check bone and corners of forehead as well as on forehead. Add more face powder under the eye area so that you get complete fair look. Use a dull brown eye shadow for the eyelid and cover it all over the eye. Put black marker on the eyebrows. Use dust line over the eyebrow and blend. Wear eye liner in a thicker manner crossing eyebrows. Make an extra eyebrow with brush. Put a stick in between the tissue area. Make it loose and then cut from between with the help of scissor. Be careful! Apply red color in the torned area with the help of painting brush. Put a dark colored lipstick above the lips also. Add a beautiful hat to give a complete look. Don’t forget wearing her favorite necklace. You are ready as Black Dahlia. Go and surprise everyone around you with this look! So for this Halloween you are prepared!