Bike racing is also called Cycle Sports in which a lot of physical and mental activity is involved. This is an adventurous and exciting sport. When we talk about bike racing, it is a popular sport in many parts of the world. Bike racing is of many types like road bike racing, mountain bike racing, cycle cross, bike polo, freestyle BMX and mountain bike trails to name a few. The leading body that governs the rules for international cycle race competitions is UCI Union Cyclists International. This sports is also been played in Olympic Games for a long time. The major countries that take part in these amazing adventures are European countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Bicycle racing is also becoming a passion in other advanced countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In 1868, he first bicycle race was held Paris and then the tradition began in the 19th century.


Road Cycling

In the Road cycling the cyclists can take part in teams as well as on individual basis. The best thrilling adventure in the world related to bike racing is Tour de France which is the grand tour of cycle race lovers in the world each year. The athletes take a lot of month’s training and practice to compete in this mega event from all countries. Its sister events are also gaining much popularity in Europe.

Track Cycling

The races that are held on the banked tracks are called tracked cycling. Teams, as well as individual players, take part in this event, the amazing thing about track cycles is that they do not have any brakes and some bikes do not have freewheels.

Cycle Cross

This falls into the category of road racing which is held in many parts of the world in winter and summer. The training is hard in cold months from September to January. The cyclists have to cover the distance of 2 to 3 kilometers and ride the trails and grass steppes during the competition. This is a tough competition in terms of surface and hurdles. Chances of getting hurt are also there for the cyclists.

This sport is much loved and taken part in by the athletes from Belgium and France.

Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain bikes are the most fabulous bikes with high powerful gears to gain much speed and enjoy the adventure. This competition helps off the road; it involves high degree of bike riding as well. The athletes do a lot of training and perform four cross racing.

BMX Racing

BMX is also the type or bike racing that takes place off the road. Single lap tracks are built on purpose for BMX racing events in which the cyclists from all over the world take part with single gear bicycles. This is a tough race in which the dirt courses and jumps are the biggest challenges they have to face.

Mountain Bike Trails

This is another exciting bike racing sport in which the bike riders have to face many challenges and cross many hurdles on their bikes. They have to have the best road bikes for Mountain bikes trails, the obstacles are manmade and the cyclists are not allowed to put their feet on the ground during the race. The racer who gets the most points wins the race by crossing as many hurdles as he can and reaches finish line.

The Cycle Race Challenges

The new racers join the bike racing every year in mega events each year around the world. These events are growing in number. However the nature of this sport is a bit dangerous and intimidating as well, cyclists have a pretty good idea of what they are going to take part in. There is no time to get nervous in the bike races as many young and experienced professional bike riders try their best to win the race. They get a lot of encouragement and backing from their coaches and friends back there. Some of them could never finish the race and have to forfeit in the middle due to injuries and accidents. Thousands of fans and spectators gather to view the race and cheer their favorite racers.

This is a healthy sport with full of excitement. He cyclists start by taking part in the practice session and choose the type of race, they want to participate in. If you are not comfortable with one type of race, you can choose another type, the fitness level, and the pace has to be great for the riders. The riders have to complete a course in the predetermined time and the distance can become overwhelming. There are many race organizations on the internet where they can find an appropriate event and start their rigorous activity. During the race, the worst thing that can happen to any participant is the mechanical fault in the bike. They have to make sure that they are using the best road bikes from a well known local shop and get their bike fixed well before the race. They must make sure that their helmets and cleats are in perfect order. The riding clothes must not be very tight and uncomfortable, they must have full bottles of water with them along the course and they must complete their race day checklist to have a great time in the race.

Most difficult races are the hill climbing races; you have to arrive at the finish line by crossing the hard obstacles. Hill climbs can take a lot of your stamina and a lot more power in needed in order to do the climbing. They bike riders have to try hard in these races to beat the other guys in the race. Steep climbing is tricky always and you never know where you feel like giving up.

You must have a lot of glucose in your muscles stored for these kinds of races. The best diet for the glycogen increase is the ketogenic diet with low carbohydrates and more fats.