We all know that Good Nutrition makes the perfect foundation of the good health and Beverages play a vital role in leading a healthy life as it provides necessary nutrients to the body of a person. Tea and Coffee are the two important beverages in our life which gives a perfect start of the day. Both of these have a defined as well as important place in our nutritious daily diet. These drinks are addictive and have their own purpose like people consume them for relaxing their mind or freshening or reliving their mind from tensions as well as to activate or energize the body. There are many types of tea and coffee which are known to us but sometimes are not available easily in the market. So, we have Beveragewala.com which holds on with the best tea and coffee products available easily with free shipping anywhere in India above 500 INR.

Beverage Wala

Aim of Beveragewala.com

Beveragewala.com is an e-retailer and the name clearly hints towards the main objective of the same i.e. the online premium beverage provider which deliver the products right the doorstep. India is widening itself to globalization and thus allowing various brands entering into the market but not all are readily available. So, Beveragewala.com aims in providing all its esteemed shoppers with an ease of receiving the products by just sitting in your home comfort zone. Presently, this tea and coffee e-retailer holds more than 45 brands with 450+ products including all types of teas (Black or Red tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, Premium or Delicate tea, Pu erh tea) and coffees (Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe latte, Caf au lait, Mochachino).


E-retailer store BeverageWala

E-retailing is playing a major role all over the world with increase in productivity all around the range of services and goods. BeverageWala is founded by a tea enthusiast couple, Manish Hada and Puja Hada. It is the first ever kind of a beverage e-retail provider in India and they are the only main players in the market as they holds on variety of teas and coffees. They even offer convenience as well as suitable services to their esteemed customers. It is quite challenging for running and scaling the online e-retail website and it is even one of the most important sectors which contribute to the economy of a country. Since its launch in March 2014, it has managed to serve about more than 1000 customers who are even satisfied with their services.

Why to choose Beveragewala.com?

Beveragewala.com is an online provider for wide varieties of teas and coffees with free delivery over 500 INR in India. All the products of all brands are easily available with a lot cheap price than in the market. E-retail industry works in the demographic favor as well as is known as the technology intensive industry. People find shopping online quite easy and convenient. Though Beveragewala.com and other e-retailing stores are facing many problems due to the political environment in India as well as inadequate human resources but soon with emergence of globalization and urbanization, Beveragewala.com along with other e-retailing stores will come up with rising disposable income.

Highlights of Beveragewala.com

  • Every new registrant will receive reward points for the registration as well as for referring the store to friends.
  • The orders above 500 INR are shipped for free anywhere in India via courier partners within a time constraint of one week.
  • It even provides a Tea and coffee hamper gift service for surprising your loved ones including a beverage card. Moreover, users can easily email the gift card directly through email along with a customized message.
  • The e-retail store features different sections for teas and coffees along with other beverages and tea accessories which significantly make a unique beverage experience.
  • 1-2% of the sales are donated to NGOs for noble cause

Overall, it is well designed online provider of premium beverages especially teas and coffees. The navigation from one section to the other is smooth as well as easy. It does feature separate sections which sorts out everything clearly. The selections of the products are simply awesome and remarkable. It is a truly a paradise for tea and coffee lovers.