Getting a good eye sight is not a tough job but you can follow some easy trend to protect your eyesight. Whatever you are doing, playing any sports or traveling or any other action you can take care of your eyes too easily.


How to better take care of your eyes?

Continuous staring at screens

PDA and computers are something without which you cannot imagine your life today. These technological gifts ay give you eye strains, blurred vision, dry issues and many such issues. If you really want to avoid these problems then you need to work out with your work environment. If you are working on computer then the screen of your PC should be at least 5-9 inches away from your eye. It leads to lower down your eyelids and provide a healthier blink rate. Sometimes it’s tough to manage the distance between the monitor and you and hence it’s better to maintain a distance between monitor and eye. Ensure that no glare happens in your screen. Ensure that after an interval of 20 min you shift your concentration for a while. It helps in healing your eyes focusing system.

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While doing air traveling

The cabin of airplane is often too dry and hence if you are traveling in one then making your eyes moist from time to time is too compulsory. Air escapes directly from you and it is prescribe that utilization of artificial tears hourly could benefit you. Don’t use those drops that lead to red eye as they lead to constriction of blood vessels. Wearing glasses during the traveling is highly advised. In case if you decide to use contacts, select a new pair of lenses for yourself which are made up of silicone hydrogel. It is made up of permeable plastic which permits excess oxygen to reach your eyes.

Exposure to sun

Ultraviolet rays are too harmful for your eyes. If you are overexposed in UV rays that the chances of having cataracts, pterygium and Macular degeneration, small bumps over the white portion of your eyes and so on may occur. Whatever sunglasses or contact lenses you choose should be UV Protective.

While exposure to dark

Pupils tend to enlarge during night so the slightest blur in retina may become exaggerated. Go for a thorough examination of eye to check if your vision is clear. While driving use the night setting for the rearview mirror of your car and ensure that your car is kept in the clean nighttime shapes with clear headlights, signal lights, clean windows as well as outside of windows and tail lights. Keep on rotating your eyes from road to dashboard and vice versa so that high way hypnosis could be avoided. It will also help you in maintaining a knack for perception. If you cannot go to sleep before reading a book in bed then ensure that you are exposed to bright light

So that you can read without straining. The light should not be too bright too at the same time as it may cause glare.

Eyes are too sensitive organ and need to be taken regular care if you want to have a good vision throughout your life.