Whether the person is a highly skilled business man or a college going teen, money attracts everyone. The most vital part of the nation is the Youth and the Teenagers, who usually keep themselves busy with their online surfing, chatting works and playing online games, which significantly destroy their capabilities. The brightest and the strongest asset for the future of our nation are the teenagers and we just need to make them realize about their capabilities for building their own future rather than wasting their time useless activities. Because of improper guidance, the teenagers are adapting some insignificant traditions which in a way are just wasting their precious time.


No doubt that the teenagers of the present 21st century are the most courageous as well as smart enough to start up their own businesses which can help them in earning money for their daily needs. There are many teenagers who are just fourteen or fifteen and discovered various unique ideas for earning, even more than those people who work for nine hours daily. Now-a-days, teenagers need money for fulfilling their daily needs. If they are keen to earn money, then they can easily give a quick and steady boost to their pockets by working online. There are numerous ways to earn money online, but here I am with the best ways teenagers can make money online easily according to their interests.

Though it is quite little a difficult task for teenagers to maintain balance between their daily works and earning money online, but if they can manage then they can easily earn and achieve success in life.

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The most lucrative way for teenagers and the youth of today to earn money online is through Blogging. It is the simplest way in which you have to create a blog on any topic of your interest. The most popular niches (topics) include web development, making money online, designing and blogging. Before starting with your own blog, just remember to choose the topic in which you have your interest and have a sound knowledge on the same. Choosing a topic out of your interest area will only lead to waste of your time because you will be unable to write unique articles as you don’t have sound knowledge of the topic. If you want to begin with, blogging, then it is recommended to start, as Google Blogger as it is the best for the beginners and is free to use. (Learn: How to create a blog and make money online)


Having the right and best desirable capabilities with you, then go for freelancing works to earn money online. There are numerous websites like Freelancer, Elance and many more which provide people a platform for all the freelancers to brief about their skills and get hired by people to work and earn. It is the best way to earn money not only for teenagers or students, but even for housewives because you can easily select your own parameters, niches, specific interests and timings. (Learn: Top 10 Websites to Make Money by Writing Content)

Data Entry Jobs

There are numerous online websites which hire people for doing simple data entry jobs online. The work includes typing the text from the data which is being provided, correcting the article format or correcting the mistakes and many more. Though it is quite boring as well, but it is worth to consider for teenagers to earn money. This method doesn’t allow you to make big bucks, but yes, you can easily make good pocket money.

Paid to Click Programs

PTC (Paid to click programs) is for those teenagers and students who are unaware about any other online works, but still want to earn money online. It is the simplest online work out of all the works because you need to just click the advertisements for which you will be paid. Though it is simple enough, but still have some disadvantages like, you can click only on few advertisements per day, get paid just 0.01 bucks per click and many more. But, if you have a bunch of your friends interested in working online, then you can share the program with them and get paid commission from their earnings too.

Selling Products on Amazon and Ebay

Many people started selling their products online through putting their advertisements on the leading websites, like Amazon and Ebay. You can even buy the product online at cheap rate and sell it at a high price to enjoy the profit. (Also see: Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing)

Question and Answer

There are numerous websites which offer Questions and Answers, so you can join these websites for answering the questions. Help other people in getting the best answer and get paid for the same.

LOGO Designing

Creativity is best among the teenagers and this is the reason many teenagers have sound knowledge of designing because they love to play with designs and colours. There are numerous online companies who look for hiring people to design their company logo and this is the best opportunity for teenagers to earn money by designing the best and attractive logo for them. You can even work as professional designers only after having full command and sound knowledge about Photoshop.

These are the best ways teenagers can make money online without stressing themselves. But, these are not the only ways because the internet has many more ways for teenagers to make money. I do hope that you did enjoyed having this treat.