Every day there are dozens of new productivity and convenience apps launched for the MacBook. However, very few of them can be considered indispensable applications that you can’t live without. Parallels 13 is one of those must-have apps that every owner of a MacBook Pro just simply can’t live without.

If you are looking for a virtualization app for Mac, then you only have a few options to choose. The competition is high in this sector, and with the top products providing an excellent service, there aren’t going to be too many new entrants.


We tried out a few of the best-recommended virtualization apps on our new MacBook Pro, and we found Parallels 13 to be the best overall performer. Here is our review of Parallels 13, and what you can expect from installing this virtualization program on your new Mac Book Pro.

Parallels 13 Features

Parallels 13 offers easy installation and the ability to run multiple virtualizations simultaneously. The Windows virtualization and coherence mode let you run Windows applications on Mac as if you are using a PC. Parallels support Mac’s multitouch gestures, Spaces, Exposé, and Spaces. Parallels also support the full-screen mode in Mac OS X Lion. Parallels Transporter allows you to move your files from your current Windows PC to a virtualized Windows platform on your new MacBook Pro. Parallels feel like a refined app, and this thirteenth edition is a testament to elegant engineering.

Where It Shines

The engineers that put together Parallels 13 took their time in thinking out the functionality of the application. Every version they release is a good update over the previous edition and comes with more features than the previous one, and the same is true with Parallels 13.

The smooth disk installation takes care of the setup for you, and it’s surprising how easy it is to set up a virtual environment on your machine. The version is the fastest and most complete edition of Parallels to date.
Parallels were created to run on Microsoft Windows. It also supports Linux and Mac OS X virtualized environments as well, although Windows is the primary user target. This fact becomes apparent as soon as you begin to use the virtualized environment and understand how well-integrated Windows becomes, sharing files is straightforward and efficient.

Access the Windows app straight from Mac OS X. When you have Coherence Mode enabled, Windows apps run as if natively supported. The virtualization will appear in your dock, with its window, and perform like a Mac app does, with the same look and feel. With Parallels you can run Windows in full-screen mode, a window, or Modality Mode, making your virtual machine transparent and providing you with a variety of options.

Parallels 13 takes the hassle out of setting up a virtualization, giving you more control and a better user experience.

The Shortcomings

Surprisingly enough, Parallels has very few negative points to discuss. If it were a free software, then we would rate Parallels 13 as the best app of 2017. However, we understand that engineers need to live to and when you consider the price tag and the value you receive, it’s well worth the investment.

Why choose it Over the Competitors?

There are no real competitors to Parallels that can offer the level of functionality it provides at the same price point. Parallels have also partnered with many resellers to spread the use of their software, and the result has been an improved customer service that no other competitor can match. Contact their service department with an issue, and they will respond promptly with a ticketed service solution.

If you enjoy gaming on your MacBook but just can’t get a smooth gameplay environment on your virtualization, then you will love Parallels 13. Parallels 13 excels in gaming virtualizations and outdoes all of the other apps in its loading speed, and it even supports Linux 3D. Parallels 13 is well priced when compared to other similar apps and with the reseller discount, it’s a great deal.

Wrapping Up

Parallels 13 is one of the best productivity apps ever designed. This edition offers seamless integration with any platform and excels in both Mac and Windows applications. We love it on our new MacBook and wouldn’t use any other virtualization.