The vehicles operated in harsh environments like mining and construction applications are exposed to rugged climate conditions. To work perfectly in that conditions, vehicles are equipped with some protection systems. These are called Fleet Management Systems. This can be very useful for all vehicle owners and can drastically reduce your hassle and trouble. Going for this management will aid you in prolonging the vehicle’s life. This can help you in many adverse situations and help you achieve greater effectiveness. These systems are operated on some principles of GPS and GSM communication to achieve the whole process. There are numerous advantages of these management systems:


  • The vehicle operating in the remote mining location can be tracked exactly so that the data can be used by the field engineer to point the location of machines for his usage.
  • The vehicle health cannot be monitored continuously. So in such cases, these systems can help in getting a view of the health of the vehicle by recording the vehicle health parameters on the onboard computer and this system will get the data from on board computer to proceed with the data.
  • The vehicle crew and operator health information can also be assessed using these systems so that the field engineer can be efficient enough to know about the driver information as well so that he can know all the things are going okay.
  • The systems can be used to provide the information about the vehicle speed and movement so that he can know whether the vehicle is operating within the vicinity of the safe operating area or not.

Communication to the Base Station

The vehicle operating in the remote location of the mining area sends the information of its current location through on-board GPS receiver. GPS Receiver sends the information to the on-board computer. This on-board computer communicates with the engine control unit through some serial interface to know the engine health parameters and fuel consumption parameters as well. The on-board computer sends this data to the Back end office through some proprietary communication protocol which they use for communicating with Back End Office. Sometimes they use some local cellular communication media to have a safe and reliable communication.

Thus the data received by the back end office process the data and stores the data in user understandable forms so that it makes very convenient for them to view and take immediate actions. At the application front end, User can see this information only if he has pre-defined username and password. This login credentials are must because this is the information not every person can access. This data has to be assessed by some qualified individual. Once the data is shown to the user, the software has got enough capabilities like saving the data in some excel sheets or saving the data in pdfetc to provide a deep view of the data for further processing. If you want to use fleet management services for your vehicles then you can contact with Fleetworks in Southern Ca.