Romantic or love songs are perfect to feel love in air on Valentine’s Day. They significantly help people in feeling the pure essence of love and romance on this day. We have numerous songs from different genres which have been quite popular throughout but the Love or Romantic genre has always been ruling. The love songs are a wonderful piece as well as always engaging music piece which even helps people in engaging in the feel and real meaning of love. Romance and love has been one of the top priorities of every individual’s life without which they are incomplete. We are here today with best love songs for celebrating Valentine Day this year which will even make your love life melodious as well as happening.


This particular list of love songs will simply add romantic flavor this Valentine because the romantic-love songs significantly rules the heart of people and has been one of the major part of the music industry. These songs basically connect well with the listeners in an efficient way.

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Tonight I Celebrate My Love: This song is jointly developed by Paebo Bryson and Roberta Flack. It is one of the amazing romantic songs which top the list not only for celebrating Valentine’s Day but even on the most memorable days between the partners, for instance, marriage anniversaries or for celebrating first day you both met. It is a wonderful song which has a perfect love feels including its heart soothing lyrics.


The First Time I Saw Your Face: Though it is an old song by Roberta Flack but still preferred to be second on the list because of its lyrics which actually spice up the relationship between two lovers. This song is actually a description and experience of the first day you met your lover. Don’t you think nothing is better than sharing your thoughts and views about your partner this Valentine?


Crazy in Love: This song is by the duo Jay-Z and Beyonce which comes on third position while choosing the best love songs for celebrating Valentine Day. It is one of those perfect romantic songs which a person can simply dedicate to their lover without giving a second thought. It is widely popular among the young generation and has a wonderful impact on the love music industry too.


Truly Madly Deeply: This song was the topmost choice in 1997 but still it stood on fourth position in our list because it has a romantic softness attached to it. It is by Savage Garden who tried his best to give a perfect love feel to it.


I’ll make to you: Dedicate this song to your lover if you want to show them what actually you feel for them. Give your partner opportunity to feel your love and enjoy the moment. This song describes the love feeling in the best efficient way along with its mesmerizing lyrics.


My Love: This song was produced in 1973 by the duo Wings and Paul McCartney. It is one of the best choice of love song on Valentine Day because of its beautiful wording which is significantly heart touching. Since the time of its release, this song managed to attract people towards its music and lyrics.

These are the best love songs for celebrating Valentine Day. Select the one for your partner and make them feel special in your own way by wishing them with a greeting card or a beautiful morning message. These songs are only for those people who actually want to surprise their partner.

Which one is your favorite?