Before starting, we would like to ask you one simple question- “Why you started blogging?” We all know that you have started for earning some bucks. We even know that you have applied for your Google AdSense account and you application has been rejected. Your luck is somewhere else. And if this is the case with you then look out for the best comparative way to earn money. If you hate the process of applying, approving or rejection of your applications, then you landed at the right place. We are here today with the best link shortener service, which is based in Europe. We hope that you all are aware of the but this one is far better. Actually, the is linked with the advertise network which helps people in earning money online. According to us, it is the quickest and the best way to earning money.

An online tool, a link shortener helps in shortening the links which allow you to share anywhere on your social media profiles. These shortened links help in avoiding getting being flagged by the people as spam. The is a shortener site which helps people in earning good amount of money without putting in much effort. We have already mentioned above that is a European based link shortener which is directly connected with the advertising network and pays us when someone clicks on our ads. It is one of the best and the easiest ways for earning good amount of money. It need not to have any single pixel of your blog page rather they are just like the caretakers, which take care of the links.


How to Get Started with

  • Just visit the official site of
  • Click on the join link on the home page
  • Enter the details required and register

YIPPEE! You are done!
Just have a look at your email ID inbox for the activation mail. And this is all. Now, you can enjoy monetizing of your links with the best payout rates.

Features of

  • Unique style of showing ads
  • Simple link shortening service for earning money
  • Global coverage with high CPM rates
  • High payout for referral system
  • High commission
  • No need to wait for the approval
  • Interesting and user-friendly tools and interface
  • Real-time stats about the earnings

How to earn money from

Obviously, doesn’t give just one way to earn money, but the primary way of using this service for earning money is to shorten the links. They credit the money directly into the account when someone clicks on the ad links.

Ways to earn from Short Links

  • You can earn money by sharing links on your social media profiles, pages, and groups. Remember to choose an interesting source for sharing the short links so that you have more chances to earn higher Click through Rate.
  • Just keep a shortened link of your blog posts and whenever someone asks you, share the shortened link with them.
  • If you have a WordPress blog, then we have plugin available which you can install. It will help in automating the shortenings of the posts URL.

What are the other ways to earn money through

You can even earn money through the, referral system as they give 20% commission for every referral and boost the income. They even provide some tools as well.

  • Developers API
  • Full Page Script
  • Social Share Widget
  • Bounce Rate Monetization
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Mass Shrinker

Payment Mode, Rates, Method, and Proof

The payout rates of the, updates on a daily basis on the demands of the advertisers. These rates vary from country to country and ranges from $0.3-$4.5, but the maximum earning by the users depends on the country they reside. The payment proof can be checked through the option Withdraw and they provide three payment methods, WebMoney, Payoneer or PayPal. The earnings are paid on every 10th of the month after reaching a minimum of $5, $20 and $5 respectively.

Using the Website Script with

The helps people in generating their own scripts including all the options which are needed. The users just need to choose the suitable options and generate the script which will be generated in the minimum time. The major advantage of using the website script is earning higher amounts. The website script consists of three parts, including the full page script, entry script, and exit script. The scripts can be used on the blogs or websites for earning more and even helps in flexibly adjusting the needs of the users.

Make Best use of

After joining, all you to do is to work upon the strategies to make the best use of it to earn money. You need not worry, as here we are sharing some of the best techniques which you can implement for earning money easily and quickly.

  • You can share the YouTube Video Links by shortening the URLs in order to maximize your earnings. MORE CLICKS, MORE EARNING. We advise you to use this method wisely.
  • We all have noticed those funny memes on Facebook getting more likes. So, you can find the trending images and shortens the URLs for sharing them on Facebook. This method simply helps in increasing your earnings.
  • If you see any trending news articles on tops blogs or website, then you can share those links on your social media profiles. This method will even help you in earning money quickly.

There are numerous ways for earning money online and it is obvious that before coming here, you all must have tried most of the methods as well. By now, you all must know the fact that it is not really easy to earn money in this competitive world. But here we have revealed about the new method for earning money online easily. The is one of the best money-making ideas for everyone. It is super easy-to-use service which offers a variety of tools to fulfill different purposes and needs in order to earn money. So, it is the right time to register yourself, shrink the URLs and share the shortened links. Just do it and see the hike in the monthly incomes. It provides people with maximum payout and helps in earning even without a blog. According to us, beats its competitors in all its features and terms.

We hope that this link shortener service, works for you well and help you earn lots of money. It is one of the best trending money-making services available out there which helped numerous people in earning money even without having their own blog.