Click to play games are the kind of games that require you to use your track pad, joystick or mouse to go through the game. Some of these need to be purchased, while you can play other games online on your Browser for free, that is, if you have the latest version of Flash player installed without filling up your computer’s memory with downloads.

Online Click-to-Play Browser Games

Here are few of the famous Click to play games explained:

1) Sparta: War of Empires

This game is a real treat for action lovers. Set in 5th century Greece, the epic wear game requires the player to fight against the Xerxes Persian invasion of Sparta. You get to lead an army of fearlessly heroic warriors with historically realistic costumes. You will also need to manage resources and construct buildings and farms while fighting Persian invaders. Is this an epic action movie? No. This is Sparta!

2) Soldiers Inc

When battle strikes in Zandia, there are no rules and private battle companies fight to take control. Hired by an organization called The Syndicate, players assume the role of the commander and with the instructions of a man called Mr. Black; The Commander is tasked with the responsibility of taking care of their combine, protecting the base from attack and fight for mineral deposits.

3) Stormfall: Age of War

When it comes to free games in the no download variety, Stormfall: Age of War is one of the finest games available that will take thou to a world where both Chivalry and Magic exist. Players can build their own medieval base, raid enemy bases, defend you castle and join teams with other players to participate in group warfare. Lord Oberon will lead your way until you’re done with the tutorial and can do what it takes to reclaim your homeland from the Dark God.

4) Total Domination

The future has become a nuclear wasteland and it is up to the player to upgrade the buildings, mine for resources and collect and army to build your sector from the grass root level. The ultimate goal is to conquer the waste land before the diabolical AI and other mutants conquer it and wipe away humanity forever. The responsibility of saving mankind rests on your shoulders fingers.

5) Pirates: Tides of the fortune

A pirate needs to do what a pirate needs to do. When given your own Island, you need to loot other Island and make the best of your resources (and rum) to become a legend of the seven seas. You have a brave crew and strong troops to build and defend you Island. What else do you want in a game?

6) Nords: Heroes of the North

If you are looking for a game with icy adventure than this is the one for you! Nords is an epic polar adventure strategy game. Players have to play with King Bjorn the Awesome against the evil and intimidating dragons, Elves, Orcs and the Northmen.

The fact that all of these games are non-downloadable and free makes them even more appealing and convenient.

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