One of the most important questions you need to answer right after an idea of creating a cross-platform mobile application comes to your mind, is: “What tool to use?”. There are so many powerful cross-platform development tools out there, and choosing the one, that will suit your needs the most, might be pretty difficult, as each tool has its specialities. Thus, some are focused on data security, others on gaming and so on. It is also crucial to consider all pros and cons a tool has.

Generally, the choice of a cross -platform development tools depends on the needs of your particular business. The following are 5 best tools that will perfectly suit the needs of big and small enterprises.


For the moment this is one of the most popular tools for mobile cross-platform development. This open-source framework is free to use and offers a bunch of useful features that make application development faster and easier. PhoneGap allows building outstanding apps for all major platforms, including Windows and BlackBerry. When using this tool, there is no need worrying about the software development kits (SDKs), as SDKs for each platform are maintained at their end.


As we can see it from the name, the main aim of Appcelerator is to help developers save time on the apps development. When building apps with this framework, you can save much time, as when writing an app in Javascript, from 60 to 90 percent of the same code can be reused for all the applications you develop. Isn’t it a great advantage? Visual wizard makes it easier to create data models. Being an open-source tool, Appcelerator has a huge community of developers, who are constantly contributing to it, to make it more functional.


This tool is especially popular with HTML developers, as it allows building applications in HTML5. Sencha works across numerous devices and on all major platforms. Pre-built components this tool offers, allow reducing development time. After an HTML5 code is written, it can be then easily converted for Android and iOS with tools like PhoneGap.


Corona is a real catch for enterprises interested in building educational apps and mobile games. It is optimized for educational programs and 2D gaming graphics and is aimed at reducing time necessary for an app development. One of the best advantages offered by Corona, is its unique SDK which claims you need less than five minutes, after the download, to start developing an application.


This unique tool offers a myriad of useful and powerful features that allow building exceptional cross-platform mobile applications. Xamarin uses C# shared codebase, which makes it possible to build native applications with native UIs for all target platforms. In other words, one code can be shared across diverse platforms. Testing options of Xamarin are also beyond all praise, as it allows testing applications, directly in the cloud.

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