Ah, movie lists! We love to see the movies in the holiday seasons. As we know that Christmas is the best time to indulge ourselves in never ending celebrations with our dearest and movie is the best channel to add more enjoyment in the season.

Movies have always been as big a part of Christmas as turkey, crackers and presents under the tree. When we watch any Christmas movie, we connect all the senses to its story and enjoy the environment of the Christmas. Just imagine after the busy day with Christmas shopping, how pleasuring it is to watch awesome Christmas movie with the family or dear one.

Best Christmas Movies

Here we are listing some best Christmas movies spanning over the decades that can be the perfect choice for you in this festive season.

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It’s A Wonderful Life: : It’s a heart-warming story of a suicidal man inspired to carry on living by the magic of Christmas. It includes the true spirit of Christmas with hope, family tradition, humility,love, kindness, and as usual the victory of good over evil. In this movie an angel helps a frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.



The Christmas List: : It’s a 1997 movie in which melody tries to full fill the all wishes of her. Although some wishes are not really we wished but wishes can be completed so start wishing from your heart now and that will add into the Christmas list.



Black Christmas: : Black Christmas is a suspense action drama. The film is about a real story of murders in Quebec and Canada.Olivia Hussey and Keir Dullia starrer Black Christmas was released in 1974 and still availablein the market for $10.99. In this movie you will see a sorority house in which a stranger makes phone calls and then murders the sorority sisters during Christmas season.



A Christmas Carol: : A Christmas Carol is a 3D computer animated motion-capture holiday fantasy comedy-drama film by Disney. There are several versions are available in which you will find countless options as it is family tradition for many. I am sure that this story will touch your heart and sanctions some of the most important lessons of life.


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All I Want for Christmas: : It’s an American romantic comedy film that stars Lauren Bacall, Thora Birch and Ethan Randall. The film was released in 1991. The story has two kids from New York who launch a scheme for Christmas. They planned lots of things and wishes for the Christmas but once started the adventure, nothing goes as they expected or planned.



Love Actually: : On this Christmas, get ready to swim in the river of love. Love Actually is a British Christmas-themed romantic comedy film. In this movie you will see ten involve but independent love stories. All stories have their own characters and their own styles but all that happen at the five week before Christmas. The main character of the film is a new British Prime Minister who fallsin love with a beautiful single mother Natalie. It’s really a hilarious combo of romance and comedy.



The Long Kiss Goodnight: : It’s an action film directed and produced by Renny Harlin. In this movie there is a woman who is suffering from amnesia that begins to recover her memories that trouble her. It holds your attention until you ran out a quarter and after that you wander away without giving it another thought. Geena Davis is the main character in the movie.



A Christmas Tale: : A Christmas Tale is a French comedy-drama film by Arnaud Desplechin. In this film a French family gathers for the Christmas and for all of theirbitterness to emerge when Deneuve’s mother reveals she has leukaemia. Basically you find many things interesting in the story.



ELF: : It is a 2003 American Christmas comedy film that tells the story a baby boy who was brought by mistake to the North Pole in Santa Clause’s bag. The boy goes to New York City to meet his biological father and spreading the Christmas cheers.



The Santa Clause: : As the Holiday movie has so much fun to keep you laughing till the end so this movie is the perfect choice. The Santa Clause is an American fantasy family comedy film. In this movie an ordinary man who accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve and then the fun begins. If you want to watch a comedy Christmas movie with your family then don’t miss it.


Apart from these there are many others which can entertain you in this festive season. Christmas is the festival of enjoyment, fun and love so make it as you want with these best Christmas movies.