We wish you a very Happy Birthday if it is your Birthday today. One of the best ways to celebrate this amazing day is by playing a Birthday Song.

We managed to collect and list out the best birthdays songs ever which are not the typical ones and even all the songs include the word “Birthday” in the title itself.

When we started off with writing this list out, we found that Birthday songs are scarce including few of those same old birthday songs without which this list will seem to be incomplete.

You can ask your family and friends to memorize these songs and perform of them. After all, it is your Birthday, a special day to live up your day!

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16 Candles by The Crests (1958)
This song became popular among the youth from 1984 when a movie with the same name was directed by John Hughes. For any 16th birthday of a person, this song tops the list.
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Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen by Neil Sedaka (1961)
This is one of another option which people keep on the list for celebrating 16th birthday. It is even the opposite number for 16 Candles.
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Happy Birthday Blues by Kathy Young with the Innocents (1961)
In the early 1960s, Kathy Young was one of the promising and emerging pop singer who was in her teens. This song evolved her career in the music industry and once in a while this song is being used as a theme song for sad birthday.
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Birthday by Beatles (1968)
This song by Beatles marked their return and was appeared first on album The Beatles (The White Album). This song has been played on infinite radio stations while celebrating the special day of the celebrities or viewers dedicating the song to their well-wishers.
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The Magician’s Birthday by Uriah Heep (1972)
This song lasts for about 11 minutes and is dedicated to the magicians on their special day. Though the band never took them seriously but still there is no way to keep them out of our list.
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Too Bad on Your Birthday by Ram Jam (1977)
This birthday song made it big because of its classic music and even used by Joan Jett inculcating with excellent tunes.
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Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder (1981)
Originally, this song was sung in the campaign for celebrating the birthday of Junior Martin Luther King as a national holiday. Successfully, this campaign won and since then this song is used in for celebrating this special occasion.
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Happy Birthday by Altered Images (1981)
In early 1980s, the band Altered Images was one of the rising new acts. The song Happy Birthday is one of the best song produced by the league and still on the charts among the top and best birthday songs ever.
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Unhappy Birthday by The Smiths (1987)
People dedicate this song widely to their enemies. This song was even included in the final album of the band, Strangeways, Here We Come.
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Birthday by Destiny’s Child (1998)
This song was one of the major hits in 1998 which was included in the first album by the group. This song just lets you to listen, sit back and enjoy the special day.
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Happy Birthday by The Click Five (2007)
This song was the major hit by The Click Five which was included in their second album, Modern Minds and Pastimes.
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Birthday Sex by Jeremih (2009)
When this song launched, it left people amazed as they didn’t really gave a thought to this type of amazing song for birthday celebration. Through this song, Jeremih had a smash breaking it through making love on this special day.
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These are the best birthday songs ever which will live up your special day. If you are aware of any such more birthday songs, please comment below.