So, we are finally moving into the months of winter where we all love to sit in our cosy blankets to save ourselves from the biting cold outside and doesn’t really feel stepping outside even for a bit, not even in the summers because of sun scorching heat. No matter, what all the work is about, whether a Yoga session or a regular parlour appointment, we people do avoid them. I know that none of you would be failing to step outside of your home for carrying your daily chores and wishes to relax at home as well as get all your services done right there itself. Well, I do hope that God listens to our poor souls, and yes, we finally have a technology for it.

Who among you is not a Shopaholic freak? Obviously, if you are here, then you are the one who loves shopping and freaking out. And that too from the comfort of their homes? Till now, we did shopping online for buying footwears, apparels and other daily items and that too using some awesome digital apps. Also, we can book various services too. And finally, we have UrbanClap App which is introduced for making our lives easier. Now, you would want me to brief about the UrbanClap App. So, yes, here we are with a review of the best app for the Shopaholics, UrbanClap App.


Firstly, the developers introduced people with UrbanClap.com, which is an online platform. It does help in finding the best professionals for the right services. Whether you want a wedding planner or a dietician or anyone, this is your destination. With the growth in technology, many people started using all the online services on their smartphones and thus, the developers introduced people with UrbanClap App. The main vision of developing the UrbanClap App for the smartphone users is to use all the smart processes as well as the latest technology for giving a smart and an organized structure of the services which are available in India. Also, they are trying to make the process of hiring the best service professionals quick and easy as like shopping from Flipkart and Amazon.

For finding the best professional services around your area, you can just try out the UrbanClap App on your Android smartphone, where you just have to enter your requirements to find the best service provider. The app will ask a few simple questions, like if you are finding a person to clean your house, then it would probably ask you, “how big is your home?” or “which floor you want to be cleaned up?” also, it would give you options for choosing few additional services as well along with a particular time and date.

The best thing about UrbanClap App is its UI, which is quite smooth as well as fast and user-friendly. It does help in searching as well as finding the services very easily and quickly. While booking a service, you just have to wait for a couple of hours to get a confirmation call from the company and on the service date, the team of 4-5 members will reach your home in a proper and clean uniform. The professional approach shown by the UrbanClap is through their friendly customer care and the professional team dressed in a proper uniform on the service date.

Overall, the services by UrbanClap will leave you delighted with your first experience itself, because they help in contacting the best service provider within just a few clicks. If you are the one who is looking for a professional service at the comfort of your home like Yoga or House cleaner or Makeup or any other, then UrbanClap is your destination which is free (the payment can be done in online mode using net banking or credit/debit cards as well as in offline mode by submitting at the head offices) and without any hassles.

Download the UrbanClap App here