Android tablets are among those exceptional gadgets that have become popular in a short span. Their first launch was a failure but now there is drastic change in the demand of this gadget. A list of 20 best Android tablets 2014 in UK is mentioned in this article. You can buy android tablets from so many online UK shops and could claim huge discounts. There are endless best android tablets that could actually come in your budget.

There are manufacturers who are even competing to give you the most economical android tablet as possible. Google Android OS has actually provided a healthy completion among sellers to provide you highly technological aided and economical tablet to their best. Companies like Samsung, Acer, Asus etc who had gained a lot in the field of hardware for Smartphone’s are actually in a mess while preparing these tablets. Tesco, Amazon, Google etc which are actually not a technological company are evolving into offering you the diverse range of android tablets at affordable rates. Even it was in news that Google had actually faced severe loss while selling Nexus tablets. They took this pain to trap their clients in this big screen gadget which was furnished with all in built software and hence making it easier for them to operate and making it easier to buy online android tablets from their own brand’s online hub. Though all of them look spectacular but the best android tablets which could actually attract you with all its features are enlisted here. You could buy android tablets online or via physical stores. Everyone wants to achieve the best out of their money invested. If you are planning to buy android tablets then you should look for screen resolution, storage capacity, RAM, number of cores, weight and breadth of device and the most important is the price factor.

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The lists of 20 best Android tablets to be sold in UK in 2014 are as follows:



Nexus 7(2013) – Nexus 7 is available at £199. If you want to have 32 GB space and at £ 239 if you are looking for 132 GB. This tablet is having an additional rear camera which actually rectifies the problem which was there in the previous version. [Read more]



Google Nexus 10 – one of the best gadget technologies had ever witnessed with extraordinary screen and affordable rates. It is uploaded with almost all available software features for any android tablets with an excellent camera quality. You need to pay £ 319 with a memory of 16 GB and £ 389 for 32 GB tablet. [Read more]



Sony xperia Tablet Z – a waterproof tablet with non competitive features and adorable design. It may cost you somewhere around £ 399 for such a desirable piece. [Read more]



Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 –  in case if you are running sort in your budget then this is perfect choice for you as you are paying £130 for it. The screen and battery life of this phone is excellent and you will be happier to have it with you. [Read more]



LG G Pad 8.3 – one of the best innovative gadgets by LG at an affordable and attractive rate of £ 199. It is small in size and the steel appearance of this gadget may leave you with a style. [Read more]

lenovo yoga tablet android


Lenovo Yoga Tablet – it could be said as one of the cheapest with excellent outer look and high battery life. You have to pay only £ 249 for it. [Read more]



Tescop Hudi – a tablet with good design and of high end quality. You are paying only £119 for it. It comes with microSD card slot along with Micro- HDMI port and hence turns it more desirable. [Read more]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – you could enjoy S-Pen feature along with other normal features on this tablet at an affordable rate of £450. [Read more]

Barnes & Noble Nook HD


Barnes & Noble3 Nook HD – a tablet where you will take long to find any kind of fault. A perfect tablet at perfect price- £159. [Read more]



Amazon Kindle Fire HD (2013) – this tablet is especially designed for kids and in it you can have your own profile with restricted screen time. Kids can actually have fun time in it as they can play games all day long. You are paying an amount of £119 for 8GB tablet and £ 139 for 16 GB tablet. [Read more]



Kobo Arc 10 HD – in case if you are looking for a tablet with style them this sexy tablet is designed only for you. It is unobtrusive and you can actually operate entire Google play Store via it. £299 is the only cost that you have to pay for this gadget. [Read more]

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700


Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 – you are paying only £400 for this high style tablet. It actually gives you a full package of all the offers that should be included in an Ipad and tablet. [Read more]



Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – Samsung’s one of the best innovation ever! This 8 inch screen and S pen stylus comes for only £339. [Read more]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – a tablet with better OS, bright screen and 1080p capacity of video capturing. You end up in paying only £299 for it. [Read more]

Archos 80 Titanium


Archos 80 Titanium – a tablet for only £130 with all the required features of tablet. If you are really desperate to have a tablet in your hand but with a tight budget then this is the best option for you. [Read more]

Acer Iconia A1


Acer Iconia A1 – in case if you have to browse a lot of social networking sites and at the same time you end up in watching loads of video then this £ 149 amounted tablet with 3G facility is ideal for you. It has option for microSD slot too. [Read more]



Asus Fonepad 2 – wants to buy a phablet then this is the ideal selection for you. It has a great hardware with a long battery life. You pay £599 for this double featured tablet. [Read more]

Asus Fonepad


Asus Fonepad – a phablet for £179 with an attractive earpiece and all required features. [Read more]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9


Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – a handy tablet with limited features and especially designed for e-readers. A big screen for those who are fond of reading online. You are required to pay £230 for it. [Read more]

Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0


Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 – a slim tablet with good higher resolution screen. You are required to pay only £230 for 16GB and £259 for 32 GB. [Read more]

All these prices are including VAT and were listed online. A slight deviation may occur in price.