Many times i have seen newbie bloggers are asking what is this alexa ranking and why it is important for any blog or website? How does alexa ranking works and how it consider or blog or website in ranking? How to improve the Alexa ranking of my blog? and so on. All these question may be arrises in your mind also,right? well don’t to any far to know here is the full detail answer of all your questions so let’s come to the post why,what and how?


What is Alexa ranking and its importance

Alexa ranking always rank your website depending on the grade that how good your blogs or websites are performing and monitors the website or blog traffic.Alexa is very important because mainly all advertisers take a look to its stats when looking for sites to promote their products and services to apply their adds on that particular website.  Alexa ranking counts your backlinks from websites that are important in your industry so it’s beneficial to have a scheme while choosing the blogs to follow and leaving comments.For ex. if your blog or website is regarding the technology or gadgets so you should always prefer to comments and provide your website links on technology websites or blogs it helps the alexa ranking to better consider the backlinks.There are many ways with which you can lower – or improve – your Alexa ranking. This post will review some of the steps to leverage your website’s position in Alexa.

Asserting your website is the formost step to start strengthening its position.For the WordPress sites, you should download the Alexa Claim and Certify plugin.After activating click on the plugin’s settings then click ‘Claim Your Site’.The new tab will open and then you should follow the steps and get a verification ID that you will put in the text field given on the plugin’s settings page.

After update the page options, click the “verify my ID” button to complete the process. For static sites, you will paste the verification ID in the HTML head section of your home page.

There are some subjective ways to increase your Alexa ranking , but they are effective. Some of the Alexa ranking traffic information comes from the users of its toolbar. It tracks the websites its users’ visits as well as other statistical data to rate the traffic websites receive. This is the best practice method to consider convinced is receiving the good reviews for your website which will undoubtedly increase their website’s position.

Advertisers Review Your Alexa Ranking First

Advertisers always prefer a website to provide their adds that have a less Alexa Ranking.After completing the upper steps now it’s time to examine your website’s search engine optimization(SEO). SEO technique is necessary for all bloggers so choose source that can help you write optimized content and use commercial value keywords in your tags, the two most common and popular in the market are Market Samurai and SeoPressor but they both are paid and have excellent reports to help with SEO.A website or blog is agreed a worldwide top site when its Alexa rank reaches 100,000 or lower.So always keep in mind lower the rank  the more advertisers are eager to pay.

Particular Criteria for Backlinks on Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking and this time search engines also evaluate backlinks definitely.If a search engine find out that your backlinks are allmost paid or of poor quality,then your links can lower the value of your website or blog. For better backlinks make a strategy.One os the most recommended link building method is to comment on blogs in your niche or related to your niche. The aim of blog commenting is to create a relationship with the owner of blog and get a backlink from blog or it’s website. Getting a backlink from a site that has a strong position in your industry is a remarkable recognition which Alexa ranking and the search engines prefer.
The last but not the least your content is the king and always plays a chief role in your increasing website’s performance and in your Alexa ranking.Your keywords could attract visitors to your blog, after that everything is depend on your content’s to convert visitors into subscribers. Be strong and brief in your writing about your products and services.With this your Alexa ranking will improve when users stay on your blog reading several posts.