Cloud computing, especially private cloud hosting, is fast becoming one of the latest technological trends that organisations are using. Private cloud hosing is a service that most closely resembles the local access network model that the majority of organisations have relied on in the past, and evolved because of the need to upgrade to a more distinct cloud based model with increased security, which isn’t provided by the more public based models that can often be operated by various clients, causing security levels to be low. Website developers are adopting cloud hosting more and more frequently due to the number of benefits involved. Here are just a few.

Cloud Computing

Extra Security

Although most public clouds are deemed as being secure enough, the level of security that is offered with private cloud hosting is much higher. A higher level of security with private cloud hosting is made possible through the use of various different techniques, including the use of unique resource pools with restricted access connections. Because private cloud hosting, such as that offered by is more likely to secure data from any unauthorised access, web developers are often more confident and comfortable using this option.

Instant Updates

Another benefit of using private cloud hosting is that tasks can be updated with ease, and the chance of any complications occurring when carrying out an update is relatively low. In contrast to localised solutions, it is also much easier to move applications on the cloud. For those who are seeking a purely development environment, using cloud services is a great solution to keeping designs separate from any other applications.


Because the reliability of resources such as servers is necessary when it comes to any kind of hosting, web developers often opt for private cloud hosting as it tends to be the most reliable of all the options. A private cloud network is more resilient to issues within the infrastructure; for example, unaffected servers are isolated from affected ones thanks to processes such as virtual partitioning.

Cheaper Scaling

A web developer who suddenly realises the need to add more infrastructure or increase the software of a project can do so relatively easily with private cloud hosting, which allows for the ease of scaling projects up to the desired level. This is a contrast to dedicated hosting, which usually takes a lot of time and can be quite costly to scale up.

Added Control

For any web developer, it’s important to be in complete control of the project at all times. Private cloud hosting is possibly one of the easiest ways in order to achieve this, due to the fact that only the client organisation are able to access the applications and files hosted in the cloud. This ability to be in full control is yet another benefit of private cloud hosting.