Birthday is always special to us, and when it is the birthday of our special and dear ones, we can not just miss it. Wishing a happy birthday to your loved ones is always worthy. Did you just miss to Wish Happy Birthday to your loved ones? No worries! Sometimes due to the hectic schedule, you may not get a single second to wish your special ones a very happy birthday. However, you must be wondering how to wish them now. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes can save you in that case.

Have you forgotten to wish your friend or best friend on his/her birthday? Well! We can understand that once if you have forgotten to wish them, then there is no end of your guilt and you must be guilty. So you need to do something special to bring that smile on his/her face. To wish them a belated happy birthday, you need to write a beautiful belated birthday notes for your best friend or friend. Sweet, lovely wishing quotes can surely bring back that beautiful smile on his/her face. There are several other ways by means of which you can wish them a happy birthday. Tag a picture of yours with your special person and wishing him/her a belated birthday on their social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or you can even make it a WhatsApp status. To make your job easy, here we have gathered some of the best handpicked belated happy birthday wishes that you need just to copy and paste and forward to your loved ones whenever needed.


Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages

I might have missed out to wish you on your Birthday. But, this belated birthday wish from me would always stay with you and would continue to fill your heart with the happiness you deserve.
I am sorry for being late. I understand that my greetings for your Birthday wish are just a little late. However, my thoughts and wishes for you would always be on time. You are indeed a special person to me and I wish you all the best for life. Happy Belated Birthday!
People mostly say that wishing on time means sharing Blessings on time as well. I may have not wished you on time, but my blessings are not so small that it will stay for just one time. I will bless you forever, and wish that you can get all the success in life.
Birthdays might just come for only once in a year, but the bonds we share together being friends would stay beside each other forever. This is never an excuse to say that I have missed out to wish you on your Birthday, but it is a reminder that our friendship would be as strong as ever. Happy Belated Birthday!
Even though it will be little late when you shall receive this Happy Birthday message, the wishes and blessings which I have sent will require no dates. I know that all these wishes are here to make you feel special and I really wish that everything goes just the best. Happy Belated Birthday!
Sorry for being late and sorry for making you feel that I almost forgot your Birthday. I checked everywhere to find out Belated Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes to send you so that you can forgive me. But the best one of all it to wish you Live on your Birthday!
I am really so very luck y to have a friend like you who did not mind when I was wishing her late on her Birthday. Although the Birthday is over and still I have wished you, you must send me over a few Birthday treats too. Happy Belated Birthday!
It was indeed apparent that you have been blessed with many things on your birthday right from the morning to the end of the night! I feel very sad that my wishes and blessings were not a part of it, because I was late. However, I really hope that you had a great Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to You!
Do you need any other reason to celebrate the Birthday Party? Do you need any other reason to make yourself smile once again? Just when my Belated wishes opens up in your arms, I can see the smile on your face. You can take the belated birthday wishes and can enjoy yourself while having a blasting party.
Please do forget that I completely forgot your Birthday. Infact, forgetting your Birthday is never a sign showing the weakness of our friendship, it is just a sign of saying that my memory is getting weak. Happy Belated Birthday!
I knew it very much that it was your birthday because I keep remembering this. I wished to send you a gift through postal delivery which was sure to arrive to you late. It is my wish to share this message with you and wish you on your Birthday in a very special way. Happy belated Birthday my dear friend!
I was just about hundreds of miles away on the most special day of the year- your birthday. I hope you have enjoyed the day with a big cake. I might have been sending this message to you a little late, but it never means that I do not care about you at all. I really do! Happy Belated Birthday!
I am here to wish you a very happy birthday because in the last few days, things for me went on to be too busy. However, your birthday and my gifts should never wait at all. I might have send you this greeting for you a little late, but it must have been the day which I was looking forward to.
I might have forgotten to wish you on your Birthday. I might have really wished that I could remember it on time, but it never means you are far away from me. Infact, it never lets me down for not wishing you early. I really hope that you have enjoyed your Birthday very well and celebrating it like never before.
I know I am a little behind on celebrating your special day. May the reason is you live in a much paced life which is smooth and I live in a slower life full of bumps. However, I really wish that you may always live with entire happiness in your life. Happy Belated Birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday to the most wonderful person I have come across in my life. I might be late to remind that your Birthday is going by, but I am never late in keeping my blessings with you. You shall always be a special part of my life. I hope you enjoyed your Birthday.
I know that I have turned up in whishing late for your Birthday. But you need to trust me in one thing and it is such that it will happen only once in a year! I really wish for a cheerful life ahead and shall you surpass what is coming ahead infront of you. Happy Belated Birthday!
It really feels very great to wish you for your Birthday, whether it is on time or even it is belated. Hope you had great fun and I really wish that you have celebrated it a lot. I really hope that you had great fun on your Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!
I opened my Facebook account after so many days going through my busy schedule and I found out that there are many birthday wishes on your wall. I am really stunned that I missed out to wish you on your Birthday. Hope you had a great Happy Belated Birthday!
Though I have missed out wishing you on your Birthday, it really feels like I can hear the tunes of your Birthday celebration in my mind. I really hope that you had some great moments and still celebrating it.
Though I might have missed out on your Birthday, it was always a special feeling to wish you. It was also very unfortunate for me to miss out the celebration party. Now I am planning to have 2 pieces of cakes to make up for my loss. Happy Belated Birthday!
I was really very upset for not wishing you on your Birthday. My busy schedule got me down for a long while which left me no option but to complete it. Later, I thought that it would be important to wish you anyhow.
I might have been very late to wish you, but this is where it all holds upto. You know that I was too busy to wish you in this wonderful moment of time, but it never stopped me from being the friend you need. I shall always be there for you when you need. Happy Belated Birthday!
I am wishing you late this year just to make you feel the twist of celebrating the Birthday. I really wish that your celebration for the Birthday party becomes longer than ever. Happy Belated Birthday to someone really special in my life.
It seems to me that it has only been a few hours while I have missed your Birthday and it is just me to wish you so late. Well, I believe that the best moment which I can share with you are by wishing you on your Birthday, though it is late.

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If you are late at congratulating your loved ones on their special day, then hurry up and wish them a Belated Happy Birthday with some of the beautiful quotes. It is said that a picture says better than 100 words, but if those 100 words are written from the core of your heart, it will surely touch his/her heart as well. The best part is that you can now post a picture on their timeline along with some best belated birthday quotes. Express your love for your special ones with these birthday notes.