Many people believe that road accidents are caused by other drivers. But if everyone who believed that was right there wouldn’t be any accidents on the roads at all. Everyone would drive safely and get from A to B without any issue. Sadly this isn’t the case. That’s why it’s important to consider the possibility that an accident might be caused by something we’re doing. A rule that we’re not following or a mistake that we’re making. If you’re worried, you could be falling into this trap, just use this handy guide. It will help you stay safe on the road and make sure no accident is caused when you’re at the wheel.

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Don’t Go Over The Limit By Avoiding It Completely:

A lot of accidents on the road are caused by drink drivers. But the fact is that most of these drivers aren’t people who are intentionally driving drunk at the wheel. They’re simply overestimating how much alcohol they can drink and drive safely. There’s a national limit that’s deemed acceptable and will allow you to drink and drive. This might be one glass of wine or one beer. But it’s important to understand that we’re all different. The amount of alcohol you can drink before it’s too dangerous for you to be behind the wheel will be different to someone else’s. Cut out this issue completely by never drinking when you’re going to drive. Just don’t risk it at all and you won’t have a problem.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks On The Road:

Too many casualties on the road are caused by drivers taking an unnecessary risk on the road. This might be a dangerous overtake in a bid to get somewhere a little faster. Or, it could be pulling out on a driver with a limited reaction time available. You have to remember that when you pull out on a driver, you’re reliant on them paying attention and braking in time. If they’re looking at their phone or playing with their radio, they may not noticed in time. At that point the accident will be there fault but you will be the one facing the injury and the damage to your car. Whiting Law Group specialises in these types of collisions with trucks. If you are involved in this type of collision and it wasn’t your fault, you might want to give them a call.

Don’t Use Your Phone:

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Many people make the mistake of thinking it’s holding the phone that makes using it dangerous. That’s why it’s legal to use a hands-free phone in your car. But actually, the distraction comes from the conversation. That’s why you shouldn’t be using your phone in your car unless it is at a complete stop. Otherwise, it could cause an accident even if you’re not holding it at the time.

Check Your Car:

Our last tip is always to remember to check your car before you drive. You might think that your brakes are working but you need to know they are before you have to use them. Otherwise, you might be involved in an accident that could have been prevented with the right checks.