Battery Calibration Android Using Free Android App – Have you ever face battery problem in your smartphone device ? It consume lot of battery and reducing battery life day by day ? You are considering replacing your battery? First read this you might be victim of battery software malfunctioning. Problem to your solution is battery calibration android using calibration app.


First of All What is Battery Calibration ?

Well Android and any other mobile operating system called Battery Stats which indicates the battery capacity, when it is full or empty. Sometime it may get corrupt and start malfunctioning.Here what happens is your battery status shows you data that is not real and you smart device get shut down before battery discharged fully or it’s charge becomes 0%. Here calibration is process that heal your battery status so you can enjoy.

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How to calibrate you battery(Non Root User/ Normal users)?

There are 2 methods of battery calibrating.


Download CurrentWidget: Battery Monitor from Google Play Store. Check your battery capacity.You can check on battery hardware. Now open this application for battery calibration android device. This application show battery charge on milliamps (mAh) now charge the battery to required amount as per your mAh specified. Restart the your android device. Now your phone must show 100% recharge. So your battery calibration is done using free android app and your smartphone now should be working fine.


This method do not use any android application. It calibrate battery with simple way.Using this method charge your smartphone 100% unplug charger. Now turn off the smartphone device and again plug in charger again. Let your android device charge full. It will be shown by your LED notification light when fully charged. After full charge unplug charger and use your device as you used to do it. Do not charge your device until it run out of charge to 0%. Once your device get off, charge it full to 100%. Now your battery should work perfectly fine and give you better battery life.So your battery calibration android is done.

How to calibrate you battery(Root User)?

There are 2 methods of battery calibrating for root users.


First install battery calibration android application from Google Play store. Charge you rooted android device to 100%. After it get charge 100% open battery calibration android application check out “mV” beside battery percentage if battery is not fully charged number is continuous to rise. Continue to charge your device even though battery is shoeing 100%. Once number stop raising then click on calibrate button then restart your android device. This will record your device battery maximum charging capacity and old battery data are deleted. This make your battery work correctly and increase it life.


Second method is simple if you havesome basic knowledge of rooting. It is done through recovery. Boot your android device and enter into recovery mode. Once you are in recovery mode go to advance there is option named wipe battery stats. It will delete all your previous battery status and data or calibrating data saved. Now charge your device upto 100% while phone is switched off. Now restart your device without unplugging charger. Open battery calibration android application. Click on button called calibrate. After that it will show notification carpeting succeeded.Now unplug the charger. Now your battery calibrated using android application for root users.

This are most easy and widely used battery calibrate your android device battery. Leave comment below if you have any doubts or queries.