Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google. It provides all necessary features needed for blogging in an easy to use manner. I used Google Blogger to create my first ever blog when I was a total newbie to the blogging world. Believe me I found it to be very very easy and useful.

I will recommend using Blogger to anyone who is starting a blog for the first time because;

1. You Don’t Need To Buy a Domain Name- Saves $5+ : If you don’t have a Domain Name then you can still get started with a free sub-domain.

2. You Don’t Need To Buy Hosting- Saves $10+/month : You can host your images and videos on the free space provided by Blogger.

3. You Don’t need To Be a Geek: Yup!! You don’t even need to learn any coding language for blogging with Blogger. Having basic knowledge of HTML will be just fine.

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Limitation of Google Blogger

Undoubtedly, Blogger is a decent blogging platform but it has its own limitations. However, if you are a newbie then I don’t think you will cross the limits of Google Blogger.

If you want to learn about your Blogger Account limitations then follow this link.

How to get Started with Creating my Blog?

Creating a blog with blogger is very easy, you just need to follow the below given steps.

Step 1: Get an account on Blogger.

First of all, you will need a blogger account which you can get for free by registering from here. However, if you already have an account on any of Google’s services, such as YouTube or Gmail then you can simply use its login credentials to login to you blogger account. Yeah !its that easy.

Step 2: Create your blog in Blogger

Now when you have a blogger account, so you can start with making your first blogger blog. To do so, click on “New Blog” button located on upper right side of the page.

Creating a Blogger Blog

After you click on “New Blog” button you will get a pop-up window asking you to give a title to your blog and set-up a domain (Address) for the same. If you are creating this blog for test purpose only then you don’t need to bother about the title and domain, just scribble anything there and start a blog. However, if you wish to create a blog with a special purpose then you can sit back and think of a name, which I don’t suggest as you can first learn how stuff works and then start using your brain.

Naming you blogger blog

After you have decided an address and title for your blog, you can choose a “Template” for your first blogger blog. Choose a template which you like as the template is what your blog will look like. (You can use custom templates for blogger available online in future if you want, it is very simple too.)

Click on “Create Blog” button to create your blog.

Step 3: Start Posting

Now when you have a blog live, you can start posting on it. To do so, click on your blog’s name from the blogger account dashboard and then click on “New Post” button to start writing your first blog post.

If you have any question regarding blogging with blogger then feel free to ask in the comment section below and we will reply as soon as possible.