Rose will be rose even if you don’t call it rose, but name does matter. Earlier the grandparents or aunt or some other closed ones used to name the new born baby. However this is a techno world where anything is depended on online world. The world is full of places where you could look for baby names. My first experience of hunting baby names was quite shocking when I explored the typical websites for them. Rather I could brief on not exploring these sites. But later I concluded there are some exceptions. No sites could come without issues but these sites could occupy you for long.


Among the rush of so many sites, the best baby name sites are as follows: Social Security Administration, BabyNamer, Baby Name Wizard, Nymbler,, Baby Name Cluster, Baby Name Map, Baby Name Addicts, The Right Baby Name, Behind The Name etc.

1) Social Security Administration– since 1880 till today this U.S baby name website has remain second in search of Google with best 1000 baby names. You can also catch helpful tips for healthy pregnancy, immunization and many such useful things for which new parents always remain confused.

2) BabyNamer– A stylish and speedy baby names website with much details. You not only get the name but can also get nick names and meaning of the names selected. Alternative spelling option is also there. You can also get an idea of bad nick names here. You can get names of both genders. You can get these name saved and emailed in your account. The browsing mode is not a friendly one as you get list of names with every click. You can sort them out according to your requirement or cannot omit the names that have been repeated. This baby names website is owned by renowned Oxygen media.

3) Baby Name Wizard– Laura Wattenberg has gifted an ideal baby name websites and appears like an online book for baby names. This websites come up with regular contest based on the ratings of baby names popularity. Blogs are also frequently posted here with listless comments. An appealing page where the browsing is done through cool chart in Java. This is called Name Voyager and you could get a line chart with bright stacked in the left side where you need to insert the name. Moment you type the name, you start getting matching names among the visible ones. Along with these positive aspects it also has few drawbacks. You may miss the rare names if you do not click on the required line. You can only get those names that had earned positions in top 1000 irrespective they are good or bad. You cannot see the related name groups. You cannot get the meaning of the name or could save the selected names. Java sometimes delays the startup process. Stack line process though attractive but tough to access sometimes. Per decade you get one data and that makes it a bit monotonous. It is known to pocket the 10th rank in Google for baby names.

4) Nymbler– it is one of the best baby names website as you can mark the selected name and hence can form you’re like list. Laura Wattenberg holds the affiliation of this website. She uses the databases of her own library including their origin, sounds, ethnicity etc. you can explore your own taste among names by a single click. Some drawbacks are still affiliated with it as you have to browse in alphabetical order or by popularity meter and this give you again a listless names. They no doubt hold a great data list.

5)– due to their name this baby name website hits the top position in Google. You get various contests, advice, blogs, forums, games here. The opening page has high traffic and is decorated with many things for you to see. You could get ample of ads encircling the main page. You get a brief meaning of the selected name via pop up when you click on a name. However most of this pop up is hidden with the bunch of ads available all over. They own a book of their own namely, “The One in A Million Baby Name Book.” Column for parent’s advice is also a popular segment here.

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6) Baby Name Clusters– one of the earliest baby name website, came into existence in 2008 summer. You get the data in the easiest manner by browsing via alphabets and popularity parameter and via notable Wikipedia too. You could adjust the name cluster according to your requirement. Hence it becomes easier to grab unique as well as rare names that resemble popular ones. This page consists of all the popular US baby n names starting from 1880 till day. The layout of this site is too easy and neat. You can also save the names as per your suitability and could use it as per your requirement. The drawback is it still lacks the messaging board that could ruin the popularity of this baby name website. It seems that however this drawback had left far behind its popularity. You may really experience handful interesting name for your child in this website.

7) Baby Name Map– this baby name website holds the worldwide cluster of baby names in the nice JavaScript format. You do not get any ads in the front page but the map of USA that makes the front page more exciting. The map shows the pin of various states and by clicking on these pin you could avail the most popular names there. By clicking on other different country you could also avail the popular baby names there. You can sort out the name by removing a list or could be used as per your desire. Once you select a country or any state, you will see the rank column up and you can browse name according to popularity. Every row has a set of interactive characteristics like email, post comment, save to list, post photo and show in map etc and the biggest positive aspect is it could be access through the map too. This website has been made in by keeping in mind the techno world. It has already touched the cloud of popularity but is looking for more traffic for the popularity.

8) Baby Name Addicts– this baby name website has a list of 56000 popular names. Generally all the websites has approx 30,000 baby names however this numerical seems to attract more attention. You need to have a separate email id for discussing your view and here you may also get regular enthusiastic post. It had grabbed 25th rank in Google for baby names. You need to browse the name in terms of alphabetic order along with their origins and meanings. the drawback is it is not too supportive for looking forward for those names that doesn’t has “a” alphabet as second letter. In case if you are looking forward for advice or discussion for names than this is the perfect landmark for you.

9) The Right Baby Name– this baby name websites is known to grab interesting reports of wide range of baby names that are based on many types of statistical info. These baby names are based on popularity, ethnicity, fad, family fit, profession etc. you could pocket the first report without paying any fee. The later reports may cost you a bit but expectedly soon they will start coming free of cost. These reports are too useful after you have selected few names. You may not come across any innovative way for getting name but could be the top baby name website for selecting one. The blogs are great too.

10) Behind The Name– this baby name website is not known as a website for baby name. Mike Campbell owns this website and had additionally done a great job by providing name along with etymology, that is, history of the names. You could also get the namesakes definition of historical figures that possess that name. You could also get the rating option while visiting the website. You can share your view after reading that name by rating them. Adding information option is always possible here and along with this you can also participate in the most demanding section, message board. This board recie3ves at least a century message every day. You may not call it as an ideal site for hunting baby name as you have to follow the traditional alphabetical pattern that makes it too lengthy and boring to browse. Popularity graphs here cannot be considered as the ideal graphics for good data.

This is not the end but just the beginning of the baby name hunt.