No doubt, first dates are always awkward. Even better first dates have some little uncomfortable moments involved and this is not at all surprising. First dates give stressful experience to the couples because it involves two people who really don’t know each other well. First dates are meant to invite awkwardness to enter in your life. People do have some weird experiences of their first dates, even I had too and it really sucks. But, yes, those awkward moments make a good story.

Awkward Moments on a first date

Silence Everywhere

Suddenly its silence all around and that too an uncomfortable one. A moment when one breaks the silence starting a conversation about what to have or about the weather or something like what are your hobbies.

Burps or Fart

The most awkward moment on a first date is those embarrassing bodily functions like burping or farting and it could happen to anyone. You just pretend that you are not the one who did and sit there quietly.

Explicit scenes in movies

It’s your first date with a person whom who actually meeting for the first time and don’t know him or her well. Planning a movie on your first date, which includes explicit sex scenes can leave you both in an awkward moment.

Your Ex- is just at the same place

Oh! God, my Ex- is here. This is simply not the best time to pull it lightly and take action right away, but do not panic.

Worse moment to run into your Ex- with a new partner

Oh Gosh! My Ex- with a new partner. He or she forgot me though, and now just wait, will show you my new partner. Meeting them all through along with your partner, makes the moment more awkward.

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Out on first date and you get your date (period)

Uff! It’s your first date and you got your period, don’t have pads with you. Other than being nervous about your first date, the major problem to worry is your period and pads.

Over Sharing and Embarrass

First Dates bring awkwardness and thus sometimes, people do accidently share something which creates an embarrassing moment. Things happen on first dates which aren’t supposed to happen.

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Have you experienced any of these awkward moments on a first date?if not from this list, then what was the most awkward thing about your first date?