If you have started your own new blog, then must important thing is that you have to place a watermark to your images. But what if you have a blog for really long time and you didn’t watermarked your images?

Idea !! you would have to download your all images to your computer, and then, open it with Photoshop and watermark every images and re-upload them to your blog posts.. Ummm.. NOT good :(

Hey.. don’t worry, here’s simple solution. i have collected best 5 plugins that allow user to watermark images in WordPress. it can be also done by manually adding some code in your .htaccess file. but if you don’t know more about these codding then it is good to use plugins for watermarking your images.

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Easy Watermark

Easy watermark is one of the best plugin that allows users to place automatically watermarks to their uploadded images. you can watermark images using text or images.you have to upload image and customize its placement as well as opacity. The plugin supports multiple image formats including PNG, JPEG, and GIF


Watermark Reloaded

Watermark Reloaded is also one of the best plugin that allow users to add automatically text watermark to their uploadded images with different fonts, sizes, opacity and position then anywhere on the image.


Signature Watermark

Signature watermark is a handy plugin that allows users to automatically place watermarks, test or image, to their uploaded images. the plugin offers a wide range of option to add and customize the appearance of the watermark.


Watermark My Image

Watermark My Image is a different plugin it adds a text watermark underneath the image. you can easily customize the height, background color or the watermark, and text alignment, as well as adjust the quality of the JPED images.


Scissors and Watermark WordPress Plugin

With Scissors and watermark WordPress plugin users can also crop, resize or rotate the images in addition to adding watermark.

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These are some of the most helpful plugins availale in the wordpress plugin directory that allow us to place watermark in images. it’s not simple to say which one is the best from the list. you can use any one of them as you prefer simple text watermark or image watermark.