ScrollingTicker Recent Post Gadget For Blogger

The main strategy or the aim of a blogger is to attract as many visitors as possible towards its blog just like a flower attracts honey bees towards it. So it is important that when people visits your blog to keep them busy and for the longest time period on your blog, as the longer one stays on your blog the more he/she is attracted towards your blog and in return they will follow or subscribe to your blogs and posts. So displaying the list of your most recent posts in your sidebar is a great idea and a strategy to keep the visitors busy on your blog. And for this stuff there are lots of recent posts gadgets and widgets available in the market that you can use, but in this post we will cover the widget which will grab all your attention towards it and of the visitors towards your blog. This recent posts widget is similar to the standard recent posts with thumbnails but with one great twist. This gadget displays your most recent posts and includes a small thumbnail but it has added extra of using an animated effect that smoothly scrolls through the posts.

You can see a working example of the gadget on the Demo page here : Demonstration Blog

How To Add This Widget To Blogger?

It’s Pretty simple as Always. 1, 2, 3 … Done!

  1. Go to generator page, by clicking on “Widget Generator” button below.
  2. Customize the Settings as you need
  3. Click the “Generate” Button to get the code and add it to your blog. ( Learn : How to add a Widget or a Gadget to blogspot blogs )