Getting my hands over the latest gadgets available in the market is my passion. But sometimes it’s really hard to recommend someone a certain product which doesn’t have a good selling point and even would not attract people. While sometimes I do feel hyped with the devices having amazing features with attractive price tags. Unfortunately, these products are rarely available, I mean combo of amazing features with attractive price. Today, I am here with a review of ASUS Zenpad C 7.0, which is one of the most affordable Android tablet available in the market.


In terms of tablet computers, ASUS has managed to come a long way. Personally, I did own the Fonepad 1st gen, the first ASUS Android tablet which featured Intel’s mobile SoC. The tablet is still in working condition and I use it for playing high-end games as well as for watching TV at-times with a Toggle app by Mediacorp. It’s been two years now and ASUS has managed to achieve its significant place in the market along with its increase in share. Recently, Zenpad C7.0 has been released which is an Android tablet. It provides its users with reliability, affordability and usability.

Come On! Let’s read further to know what actually makes Zenpad C7.0 a good choice?


Zenpad C7.0 by ASUS has received improved design and is one of those kind of art which have been integrated with the latest technology. It features a textured leathery plastic back cover, which gives it a premium look. It has unique aesthetics and it has even got a better grip along with a feature, fingerprint resistant. The slots for SIM as well as microSD card has been hidden with a scoured cover. It features 2 slots for SIM as well as can be connected with multiple 3G networks. And yes, this Android tablet does support calling functionalities.

User Interface

Zenpad C7.0 has got an upgraded UI, which is redesigned by ASUS. It is known as ZenUI and it has improved the ways of the users for launching as well as managing their applications on their Android device as compared to previous devices. With this new Android tablet, it is quite easy to navigate in and around the applications within the new launcher. Also, it features a new integrated settings page too, which is now has been categorized into multiple sections associated with the functional capabilities. This significantly has made the settings of the device straightforward as well as simpler.


Comparing to the previous Android tablets by ASUS, Zenpad C7.0 featuring Intel processor made immense improvements in the performance of the device. Previous ASUS Android tablets feature a single core processor, but now we have quad-core. There has been huge improvements with the computing capabilities of the device. The videos are played quite well with clear and crisp images. It features front-faced speakers with a good sound. It is a good entertaining device with a great combo of visual quality and good audio.


Though Zenpad C7.0 doesn’t lack in software, but it is even not a good thing too. It features 16GB internal memory, but the pre-installed apps leaves just 9GB to use. It ambles on Android Lollipop with an attractive UI. The layout of the menu is quite nice and gives an option to edit the settings menu.

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ASUS Zenpad C7.0 is worth a buy for those who are specifically looking for an Android tablet with 3G functionalities. Most probably, it is the only device in the market. It has got unique design and attracts those users who are looking for an Android tablet for daily tasks, including computing needs. It is a nice tool which you can easily carry with you anywhere. Though it does have a limited functionality, but what else you can expect from a device which just costs around 8000 INR. Rising up your budget a little, you can get Hudl 2, but the portability of ASUS is the best one.