In one of my previous post i have already published an article about how you can create a professional blog with WordPress. It was an article that guides you step by step, what you have to do to start a blog with WordPress like buying a domain, then buy hosting account for your blog etc. but i thought, for the newbies, it is not a complete guide on creating blog on WordPress. However, we can consider that article to understand some basic of creating Blog on WordPress.

When i did moved this blog, blogger to WordPress, many of our readers and friends who are blogging at blogspot platform, asked me about how to Migrate From Blogger To WordPress, how to add / assign a domain name to BlueHost etc. So, Now, i have decided to start a series about how to create a WordPress blog. Instead of writing articles on it, i would like to create a video tutorial. so that even non-techie users can understand and follow that steps easily by watching videos.

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So, let’s start with assigning a Godaddy domain name to BlueHost hosting.

Well, If you are not familiar with assigning a domain to WordPress, Here is quick and complete guide for you.

How to assign / add Godaddy Domain name to BlueHost ?

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