You all know those people in the office that are needlessly printing out documents, whether it’s drafts, final documents or even things for social occasions. For the employee, there isn’t really any cost. But for the employer, there are several costs associated with those printing habits that will affect costs to the business. So how can you break the poor printing habits of people while helping to save your organisation money?


Encourage employees to view documents on digital devices.

This should be your organisation’s first port of call. Promote a culture that encourages people to view documents digitally. This will save the multiple amount of printouts that they would have made for their colleagues, as well as printing costs within the organisation.

Digital documents are easy to share and display well on desktop and portable devices. For colleagues that would usually collaborate with others when developing a document, online collaboration software can be used for the team to make changes.

Invest in an eco-friendly printer.

Printers contribute to the energy consumption within your organisation. When left in an idle mode, many printers won’t shut down and thus continue to consume energy whilst still in an idle state. When it is the end of the day in the office, most of the staff will walk out without turning off the printer.

Eco-friendly printers will power down once they recognise that they are idle. For organisations whose printers remain on 24h a day, eco-friendly printers can help the organisation save on costs.

Don’t purchase non-OEM printer cartridges.

Managers and employees will be tempted to purchase cheaper printing options such as non-OEM printer cartridges. Even though they are often cheaper in price, they tend to be made with inferior materials and can actually cause more damage to your printer. Using non-OEM printer cartridges can also void any warranty on the printer, forcing you to fork out money for any future printer repairs.

OEM printer cartridges and printers have undergone years of research end development in order to provide customers with a high quality printing solution. Knock-off products are cheaper because they attempt to replicate the product and often, the solutions aren’t tested. This contributes to the lower price, but it increases the risk of damage to your printer and also risks providing poor quality prints. You can click here to see a selection of printer cartridges online from Cartridges Direct.

Use identification cards for printing.

There are printers that can be activated with an ID card. This can significantly minimise the amount of wasted prints, as well as allow you to track who prints what in the organisation. There’s an interesting post from Easybadges that discusses the different options that are available.

Invest in the right printing solution for your office.

It all begins with purchasing the right printer from the outset. Purchase a printer that is too small, and you will find that the printer will consume the ink from the ink cartridges like there’s no tomorrow, resulting in frequent repeat purchases and significant printing costs.

On the other hand, if you purchase a printing solution that is too big for your organisation, you will find that the printer will be left in an idle state and the printer cartridges may expire.

Improve your organisation’s environmental impact by eco-friendly printing management practices.

The financial savings are already a great benefit, but minimising the amount of used ink cartridges that end up in landfill, as well as ewaste, paper waste and the contribution to CO2 emissions. Leverage eco-friendly technology, as well as supplier and recycler relationships to help minimise your organisation’s environmental impact at the start and end of life of the printing products.

It’s easy to get into the habit of using poor printing habits. The thing is, these habits are costly to the business and will erode your organisation’s profit margin by inflating the financial and environmental costs to the organisation. Adopting better printing procedures can easily be achieved by leveraging technology, eco-friendly partners and improved printing practices within the organisation. Take a look at your organisation’s printing practices to identify areas that can be improved, and help minimise any printing-related costs in your organisation.