Apple approves thousands of app ideas around the world, and if you think your idea is unique, creative and fun for the users you can also make and app with the help of apple. You never know that you application be the next hit after Instagram or Pandora. There is a small problem that you don’t know how to program an app. You should always make your vision strong by asking few questions to yourself like

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  • For what purpose you are building this app
  • Who are your target audience
  • What uniqueness it will have and how will you build it
  • Who are your competitors
  • When is your estimated completion time?

Your basics should be cleared before you produce and app. You need to follow some basic steps before creating an app they are

  • You need a setup, which is Apple Iphone SDK (software development kit), this will allow you to test you app, and you can later distribute your license to the app store.
  • Create an apple developer account so that you have basic idea about the documentation process, it has the details which you need to fill up first so that you app idea is approved.
  • You have to later set up your app and do some formalities.
  • Later you have to start coding.
  • Promotion is a very important part for you app to get publicity into the global market. You can promote your app through blogging, facebooking, tweeting and many other ways you can promote it.
  • Last but not the least your sales will decide how your app is working in the market.

Designing an app and promoting it is a very difficult task you need to be diplomatic and keep yourself updated about the app and should study competitors as well. There are thousands of app in the market but to make your app visible you have to stand out different and you can stand of different only by creating innovative app for the users. Competitor’s study in the same genre is very important before you create an app, as that will give you clear vision of how you can create your app in a different way.

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You should always keep in mind uniqueness and little bit of common sense is what stands out different in the market you should conjointly work keeping those factors in mind and try to develop an app that will be beneficial for the users. There are apps which try to fool you and make money don’t be amongst them as users will install it and again uninstall it that will be the bad thing.

Try to make an app from which the user is satisfied; understand the target audience very thoroughly and accordingly design it so that your app doesn’t run under loss. You should design in such a way that it is not only used for one time but it is repeatedly used. Be wise and design the best app.