Whenever i install new applications from Google Play Store, my android device bring the message about low memory, i tried many things and finally got the best solution is that App 2 SD. App 2 SD is an android application that allows user to move almost all android apps to SD card even without rooting.

app2sdOnce, you get installed the application to your device, tap on its icon to open the application there you will see main three options that you can see in above image and read the explanation below :

Movable : The application will scan and find the moveable apps automatically and show you moveable app’s list in the first option “Moveable” that will be moved to SD card.

On SD card : If you’ve been moved any apps to SD card earlier, then second option shows the app that already moved to SD card.

Phone Only : Displays you the list of applications that are located on android phone memory and won’t move without rooting your device.

In the bottom line, You can see the report of total memory and used memory for both android system as well as SD card.

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After installation of any android app, if the app is moveable to SD card then you will get a notification by app 2 SD on notification bar. after that if you want to move recently downloaded app to your SD card then you will need to click on the app on App 2 SD then it will show you the details about it then finally click on “Move to SD card” then within a minute your app will be moved to your android SD card.

If you want to uninstall any application from your device, App 2 SD will help in it too. To uninstall app from your device all you have to do is just click on app then it will show you few options that you can choose according. for now if you have want to install the app, simply drag app to uninstall button then confirm the installation and then you’re done.

One of the best thing i like about this application App 2 SD is that it helps us to clear cache from out installed apps as well. to clear cache from your android apps all you need to do is just tap on the options button on the app and select clear cache option from it. You will be enable to see how much cache is currently on your android device, when you click “OK” button, all the cache will be deleted from your android apps.

Download App 2 SD app to your android device !