Destiny is not what is already made by our ancestors. Destiny is what a particular individual makes out of our own lives. In simpler terms destiny can be defined as the difference between those set of ordinary people who stay ordinary all their lives and those few ordinary people who analyze their strengths and strategically move forward to reach their life goals and work religiously hard to turn themselves into extraordinary people. The internal quotient to do, to achieve and embrace the unknown is their ability to create something extraordinary of their lives.


You out there too can be what you wish to be. What’s the worst that can happen? You might not succeed. Know that will not be the end of life. Life has endless opportunities. It just depends on you to pick yourself up strong and get gong to embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

1. Evaluate your potential

Remember each individual is born with limitless potential. It all depends on you whether you choose to use your potential or abuse it.

2. Transcend your nature

Every individual has the ability to transform him/her into whatever he or she wishes to be. You just need to start step by step; towards building your dream brick by brick ad soon you will be able to construct your life as per your choice. You just need to be careful at making progressive choices rather than making choices that would stagnant your journey to success.

3. Make the right choice of domain

The journey to achieving your goal would seem easy by making choice of the stagnant choices in the known domain. It all depends on your wishful choice to stagnant in the known possibilities or opt for wider uncertainties that offer limitless possibilities.

4. As a man seek certainty

Life is full of uncertainty and chaos and you surely would want to stay away from that chaos. You surely would want to be sure, clear, predictable, confident and convinced about the choice you have made and be sure that it will secure your future.

5. Opt for chaotic randomness

If you have it in you to create something of the unknown uncertainties to discover oneself you can opt for a career potential that allows you to seek adventure, suspense, risk and allows you to explore endless possibilities and experience freshness and newness in everything you do.

6. Experiment- know no new venture guarantees success

Profits are not guaranteed in any new or old diversification. However you will never know the risks until you face them. Similarly, you would not even know the opportunity that might come by unless you take that risk. There is no security in anything in this life anywhere.

7. No success without failures

A simple example here would be while in my first grade you would not be able to furnish essays with optimum ease on each and every topic. You might have opted for options such as buying essays online safe to submit your professor or must have opted to research and read and then pen down something much better to what was written before by you. Can you really term it as your failure or the end of the world? No surely not? So just remember the very fact that your little failures turned out to be successful achievements in the future it implies that failure are in no way wrong. So let your fear of failure drown you and curb you to take daring steps in to the infinite possibilities of the future that lie ahead.

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8. Know the historical evidence of the past

The achievements of the unknown future are quite visible from the list of reference mentioned below:

a) Abhishek Bacchan, an actor by profession was a dyslexic while in school and had a reading and writing disability. However, what he has made of himself today is completely commendable.

b) Einstein always had a complaint of poor grades from his teachers and teachers often commented negative and were doubtful if he would be able to make anything meaningful of his life. Hasn’t he.. He has!!

c) Similarly both Newton and Edison performed badly while in school. Yet all of them in life created a mark for themselves and are known in the history as achievers.

9. Do not estimate the future possibilities based on your past achievements

The future possibilities are unknown. The future you hold is not equivalent to your achievements either in your past or present. What you are and what you can be is limitless in itself and completely inconsequential to what you can achieve in your life.

10. Throw yourself into the unknown

Plan and execute what you never thought you would do. Make a rebellious and daring move if the need be. Any trial, any hardships that you undergo and face today will eventually transcend your future and prepare you to take any test of life.

Do not forget all the inventions and discoveries that happened in this world have come from people who ventured with complete determination and confidence to conquer the unknown certainties of life.

Death is certain. Life never is and never can be certain. This in no way means you should lead a life of a vagabond. It just means you should never cease to explore and keep producing excellence in whatever you choose to do in this lifetime. Get going reset your standards and march ahead to master the current path and venture into a new one.

However tough the consequences may seem, step up –build your confidence and do things that you have never done before. Let the future lead you from here on!

Say to yourself each day” The road ahead seems tough, however i am willing to break with the known and work my way out carve a path and seek breakthroughs. I am sure to leave my signature in the history of time”

All the best!!