Advertisement is the door to popularity, provided you choose the right one. Designing attractive advertisement is one kind of art but choosing the right medium to post it is a talent you need to work out on. Advertisement reaches to the masses only if you broadcast it through a reliable source, and thus, we will discuss on which source to rely on. The point of discussion here is the ad networks, which although make big promises, deliver a very few of them in the initial period, but finally vanish with not everything productive and positive for the advertiser. And if you too have been the prey to this kind of foul play, you will surely have to learn to be smarter.

Undoubtedly, a web master, advertiser or a publisher will do all the research to find the best ad network, but not all research is enough to land up to the best deal. Hence we bring to your knowledge everything you shall know about Adsterra, one of the most entrusted ad networks with multiple ad options.


What exactly is Adsterra?

This ad network is the premium source of publishing advertisements that is serving the creative agencies since 2013. They believe in continuous growth that is done while absorbing the newly introduced technologies and ideas. Known as the market leader in their field, these professional believe in delivering performance based services, so that the outcome could be measured not only in thoughts but actual numbers.

Some figures to be pointed are;

  • 10 Billion Impressions per month
  • 190 GEOs covered
  • 20 thousand successful campaigns
  • 6000K leads made in the last month

This expert ad network company is currently working with more than 500 advertisers, and the team of expert professionals that are around 150 in numbers.

Adsterra has made it special for their clients through a lot of factors, to name a few are;

  • It provides technology enabled platform to all its clients, and this makes the beneficiaries get the best for what they invest in.
  • Adsterra brings traffic from more than 190 countries around the globe, and to be specific, such big network in real are too hard to imagine.
  • They believe in long term businesses, and thus the big names serving the market have been in business with this leading ad network since their establishment.
  • This platform allows the advertisers to connect to the targeted traffic through different segments including geo and language, device and vendors, keywords, operating system, browser, etc.

Features to amaze you!

Dedicated manager- Your account will be handled by a personal account manager who would keep the eagle’s eye n your ad campaign. The professional will make your ad be updated to optimize the campaign results.

Security- Security is no point of concern when you are working with Adsterra. Bringing its service on a technology enabled platform, it has developed a protective shield against all kind of third party fraud ideas.

Conversion tracking- The service is offered through different models, these include CPM, CPL, CPA, CPI, CPO, through which you can target your customers through the device you choose. This helps you monitor the conversion rate with ease, hence value for money delivered with utmost transparency.

Real time statistics- Your account and all its details are formulated on understandable patterns. This lets you know about the detailed statistics through which tracking your performance becomes a layman’s job. And hence you enjoy being updated by each development made.

Formats you can choose

Multiple formats of advertisement are availed to let the advertiser or the published have widespread options to work. Let’s talk on the formats below;

Leader board- This is made available in size 728*90, and the same is found productive for branding purposes.

Rectangle- The perfect format as per the AdSense, this one is selected by wide margin for all kinds of advertisements.

Skyscraper- This format has been found to obtain great clicks and is usually placed in the sidebar.
Pop- Under- Such formats work best for viral traffic.

Video Banners- These are designed based on CPM model, and any publisher may use it for ad placement wherever required.

Direct Links- This one could be called as the sub-type of pop under, and here direct links to the videos, banners or posters are laid.

Thus, under these formats you can publish your advertisement, and get great results through the targeted customers. With the dedicated approach, reaching the customers of your choice without fail is made possible through Adsterra. Ad networks are known for their stability and effectiveness, big brands are using Adsterra to get renowned amongst their targeted and prospective customers, and even you can be one of them. If you’re a publisher, you can start monetizing your website with Adsterra or if you’re an Advertiser, you can start Advertising with Adsterra.