We all are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of cell-phones and tablets and these are commonly used by children. All Parents want to monitor and restrict activities on their child’s cell-phone or tablet because everyone knows that there are many things that are inappropriate for children. So for this, they basically need parental control software.

PhoneSheriff is powerful parental control software. It allows you to monitor your child’s activity and also allows you to restrict them in real time. You can download this app instantly after purchased. It has some amazing features.



As soon as the phone will connect to the internet, phonesherifff starts its work. It starts monitoring and logging all the cell phone activities, including call logs, contacts, calendars, incoming and outgoing SMS messages, GOS locations, photos, email messages, website visited and many more things. After that, activities that have been recorded are uploaded to your PhoneSheriff online account which you can access from anywhere, at any time.


This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems.


  • You can monitor text messages. You can read all the messages sent or received from the phone. You can also see messages that have been deleted even if they are immediately deleted after being read by the user.
  • You can see all incoming and outgoing numbers as they will be logged along simultaneously with call.
  • It let you read all the history of phone’s mobile browser.
  • It allows you to track a cell phone and you can easily determine where your child is present.
  • You can also set variety of filters applicable on the monitored cell phone. In this feature you can create time restrictions, app blocking, website filtering, custom filtering.
  • You can also view all emails (outgoing and incoming both).
  • You can take look over gallery of your child’s cell phone. So you can keep watch over each and every photo that is stored in your child’s phone.
  • You can see which apps are installed on your child’s phone.
  • You can see Whatsapp messages (incoming and outgoing both) too.
  • You can also make any change remotely through your control panel.


  • It has very simple user interface.
  • Monitored device has secured control panel. You can easily check logs online from anywhere.
  • You are getting good technical support (24×7).
  • Cost that is required to forward a message is zero.
  • You are getting 100% money back guarantee.


  • Previous versions are not compatible with iPhones. You need to jailbreak your device if you want to run this app.
  • You will require a GPS enabled device of you want to use cell-phone GPS tracking.


In Past, parents used to be very insecure about their children. It is very hard to imagine the tough times parents had before parental monitoring apps. You couldn’t know what your child is doing and where he/she has been. Today, you have the most advanced monitoring and tracking tools available in the market and PhoneSheriff is one of them. It helps to keep trouble away from your family. It’s a very good app and you should use it if you have some worries about your child.