If you’re dream break is already breaking the bank, it can be hard to stretch pennies even further for those holiday wardrobe essentials. Thankfully, you’ve plenty of choice and surprising price perks with second hand designer fashion.

The advantages of including second hand designer clothes in your holiday wardrobe

Spend Less for Style

When you’re on a budget, second hand clothing is perfect for making sure your holiday wardrobe isn’t lacking in the style stakes. You don’t need to spend much putting together a coordinating holiday capsule, with incredibly affordable second hand footwear and accessories at a heavy discount to go along with fine tailoring and designer dresses for serious summer dressing.

Premium Quality and World-Famous Workmanship

Enjoy only the best handcraftsmanship and signature finishes with your favourite designer brands on a budget-friendly price tag. For the price of an average t-shirt from the high-street, you can pick up beautifully tailored designer pieces, handmade from the finest materials with iconic accents and details. Don’t settle for simple basics this summer. Second hand shopping can turn up real fashion finds for bringing designer luxury to your holiday wardrobe.

Tried and Tested

Don’t be duped cheap, off the rail clothing this summer. Discount, disposable fashion can often suffer from poor quality craftsmanship and second-rate materials – not what you want when you’re thousands of miles away from your home wardrobe and favourite designer stores for back-up. Resale sites and stores offer only the best quality second hand garments, giving you an accessible and affordable range of iconic pieces and signature styles for statement dressing this summer.

Ready to Wear

One of the main advantages of second hand clothing is that it offers the worn in option you just can’t find fresh off the rails. Perfect for when you’re after a more relaxed option for your holiday wardrobe, resale stores and shops offer plenty of variety when you’re looking for shirts, denim and jackets in flattering fits and shaping silhouettes. A more relaxed garment offers more comfortable, confident fit, with superior stitching and seams that stood the test of time.

An easy way to upscale your holiday wardrobe, second hand clothing lets you make serious style statements on a budget that beats the high street. Looking for something special this summer? Shopping second hand instantly frees up your budget for spending on an iconic design or accessory from your favourite brand or label. With a constantly refreshing inventory, you’ll find lines not long off the catwalk, along historic designs and heritage collections for effortless elegance and easy to wear chic.