It was recently announced that the process of shutting down Adobe’s FormsCentral will commence on the 22nd of June, and will be fully closed on the 28th of July, 2015. FormsCentral is a practical form building tool offered by Adobe for creating, saving and sending forms online. Adobe emailed their userbase to notify them of the news, and let them know of the impending shutdown 6 months down the road. They are giving their users ample time because it would be a huge inconvenience to lose one’s data unexpectedly, especially because companies rely on their forms and submissions for many of their business needs. Adobe let users know of recommended next steps, including recommending several online form building tools as preferred alternatives. JotForm is the best alternative, and is the easiest to use which especially comes in handy for FormsCentral users as they’d be switching to a new interface. Adobe has built a solid group of users over the 3 years that FormsCentral has been around, providing varied essential business services, and now they must scramble for an alternate form building service.

Adobe FormsCentral Is Shutting Down

Before the final shutdown occurs, users can download as well as edit their data and forms. By June 23, users will only have “read only” access and will be unable to create or distribute forms. We can expect Adobe to focus its attention on other opportunities as well as continue in providing exceptional PDF and Design products and services for its users. Meanwhile, FormsCentral competitors like JotForm will be filling the void.

JotForm stands out in many capacities, including how easy it is to migrate from FormsCentral to its service. After getting the closure warning from Adobe, users started flooding JotForm’s support forum with requests to relocate their forms and data. It was then that the engineers of JotForm sprung themselves into action and instantly built a welcome page for all the FormsCentral users. It provides a best-of-brand tool to help transfer forms and data using a one-step import wizard. By simply entering their FormsCentral login credentials, everything is migrated. Now, users don’t need to worry about losing their forms or data stored online. For the FormsCentral users, it is a moment of relief, thanks to the hard work of JotForm’s engineers. With JotForm’s Import Wizard, users can find a complete solution.


Online forms are rarely given much attention unless they go through any glitches or shutdowns, but forms are quite important for businesses. They’re useful for anything from entering data as well as sending the same over to its servers for the further processing. They are critical to a great many online businesses.

JotForm has recently been headlining in the news because of its newly released Form Designer. Users only need to point-and-click in order to create beautiful forms, without requiring much effort at all. It allows you to build beautiful form designs with custom backgrounds, font and colors, and with many finer features, which results in a powerful and beautiful form design. The end result can be a flat responsive design which gives a smooth experience to one’s users. The form designs offered by JotForm look great and attractive on every device.

Jotform is particularly a user-friendly online form builder which helps in creating as well as publishing dynamic forms without any experience. But why is JotForm the best alternative to FormsCentral?

JotForm offer its users a drag-and-drop menu where they can easily create forms according to the information they’d like to collect including job applications, market research and much more. It even helps in collection of the payments as well as uploading of the files including the analytics. It is integrated with over 100 top web services including Google Docs, PayPal and DropBox. The official website of JotForm is quite impressive and welcoming which help users in creating beautifully-designed forms within few clicks without requiring any registration process. This is really a smart move by JotForm against the shutdown of FormsCentral because it helps users in quickly discovering about the easy setup. The easy set up process of inspires people to use JotForm’s online form building tool.

JotForm offer the users over 7,500 templates for anything from timesheets, to file uploaders, bug tracking, job applications, reservations and much more. Users can easily customize their form by dragging-and-dropping fields on the page. It’s easy to use and navigate in the exact way in which users want. Users can even customize the form’s look-and-feel in order to reflect the brand of the company or any of their personal preferences. It allows users to choose from wide variety of pre-defined form themes or they can even create their own to suit their needs. There are short tutorials which can help the beginners in creating their forms online easily.

In a nutshell, we simply want to say that those who were using FormsCentral need not be upset about its shutdown. JotForm, is a leading alternative both due to its easy migration process, and full featured product offering.