Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, right? Well, this approach might be okay for dinner parties, but when it comes to the topic of making money online, then the truth isis critical to success. Since its inception, affiliate marketing has been a widely divisive sector of the advertising industry, with some claiming it’s a massive win-win, while others regularly doubt its effectiveness. In all honesty, the best way to have an opinion on affiliate marketing is to actually try it yourself.

Bloggers who wish to start getting serious with their hobby may well wish to prick up their ears now. Websites starting to see a decent amount of traffic, and gaining a solid readership, really have everything to gain and nothing to lose by starting an affiliate marketing program. But let’s get some of those myths out of the way.


It’s too difficult to get started

Perhaps, once upon a time this was true. You really had to know the ins and outs of online marketing and have a thorough knowledge of advertising. However, affiliate marketing has become a streamlined process that is now a lot easier for rookie website owners to understand. This is largely due to ‘matchmaker’ programs, that have bridged the gap between merchants (the company who wants to advertise) and the publisher (the website owner whose articles will feature the advertisement).

The emergence of these matchmakers is a huge boost for those newbies interested in affiliate marketing, because if your goal is to increase revenue from your site, it is possible to make money today with companies like affilinet. The idea of things being simpler is undoubtedly appealing for all concerned.

Your readers will be turned off by affiliate marketing

This is only really the case if you start to get ahead of yourself and match up with advertisers who don’t have much in common with your website’s theme. For example, you’re a video game review site who is advertising an e-store which sells gardening tools. Not much connection, right? Now, if you’re that video game review site and you advertise an online store to buy retro games, then your readers are much more inclined to click that link and potentially buy something – earning you a slice of the income. Match with advertisers who are relevant to your site and there is no reason why your readers will be disgruntled.

You’ll be rolling in cash from the very beginning

It might be tempting to picture yourself swimming in a pool of bank notes after you’ve posted your first affiliate marketing link, but slow down just a little. It’s highly likely that many of the naysayers toward affiliate marketing are negative because they expected too much, too soon. Affiliate marketing definitely takes time and patience until you start seeing a decent amount of dividends. However, that’s why it’s important to choose advertisers who are in line with your site, so that it shouldn’t feel like extra work because you’re already posting articles which are entertaining and useful for readers.

Add to the fact that the affiliate marketing industry has been predicted to be worth $6.8 billion by the end of 2020, and you’ve got yourself an industry that is firmly on the rise. So, in short:

  • Partner with affiliate programs to help find relevant advertisers
  • Continue to post engaging articles with useful affiliate links on your site
  • Be patient with the process and don’t expect huge income from affiliate marketing straight away

Like anything, work hard and stay positive.