In todays post I will tell you easy and amazing steps on how you can add a particular gadget on your blog. Widget and gadgets both are the same terms, but the widget is most common and popular word used among the people as well as in the Google. Widgets are nothing but the extra features that you can add to your blog to make your blog more interesting and enhance the beauty of your blog, and also make it easy for the peoples to follow you. Widgets come in multiple formats like social media sharing widgets, like widgets, popular posts widgets and much more which are the additional tools involved in your blog. So after knowing few stuffs related to widgets now let us see how to add up a widget to blogger.

Step 1: login to your blogger account:

The First and the foremost thing that you need to do is that you need to login to your blogger account with accurate username and password, and once you are logged in, you need to go to your dashboard which will take you to the list of your blogs.

Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: layout

Go to the layout option and access the layout page of your blog, and then click on the design link which will take you to your desired layout page and then click on the add a gadget option available in the list.

The option of adding a widget will be available on the right side of your page , on the header and also on the footer, you can choose as per your desire.

Blogger Layout

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Step 3: choose a widget

When you click on the add a widget option, a list of several widgets will be displayed on your screen. These are the gadgets which are designed by the blogger and you can feel as they are boring, but they are very useful for your blog. If you want any gadgets which are designed by the third party, then you can click on the features option in the list displayed. And even with the featured gadgets you are not satisfied, then you can go to Google and search for your desired widget and I would recommend you to just test the widget before you add up in your blog.

Choose a Gadget

Step 4: adding a widget to blogger

Once you are satisfied with the widget and wish to add it on your blog, click on that widget and then keeps the title as you of the widget as you wish and write something about it on the content option available and then click on the save button. Make sure that you save it or else it won’t be saved and you have to perform the above step again.

Save Gadget

Step 5: adding a custom widget to blogger

Adding a custom widget to blogger using javascript and HTML is a blank widget which allows you to add a third party functionality or other code to your blog. HTML and Javascript widget can be found easily, you just need to click on the “Add a gadget” from the Bloggers layout screen, and choose HTML/Javascript from the list. And put the widget code into it then save the widget. that you can see in the provided screenshot.

Custom Widget

After you are done with the above step you can also see a preview of it by clicking on the preview option available on the top right corner and see how your blog looks like with the additional widget that you have just added up, and if you are satisfied with it you can go ahead with the widget by clicking on the save arrangements or else you can make any kind of changes that you wish to.


  • Be sure and clear about the widget that you are willing to add to your blog, or else in the confusion you will just mess up with your blog.
  • While adding the widget don’t forget to save any kind of options (wherever necessary) or else you have to again waste your valuable time by following the steps to add a widget.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to complete any step, or else, again you will be left out with a messed up blog.
  • Don’t add a large number of widgets to your blog as it may potentially cause your blog pages to load slower.