I have already posted about “is image optimization important for SEO” earlier. if you are new into blogging and SEO then you must check out that interesting article to understand the importance of “image optimization” in deeply.

Well, image optimization is not important for only SEO but at the same time it also works as accessibility in your blog post. Suppose, Whenever, any visitor comes into your blog post and if he / her not able to see your post images properly due to slow internet connection or xyz any reason, then alt text will be appear to understand what the image is all about.

As i already mentioned in my older post about importance of image optimization for SEO, that what is role of alt tags in search engine optimization. suppose you have completed your article which about “Computer” and uploaded some images related to “Computer” then how Google bot can be detect your image? Search engine only works based on text they cannot read the images. That’s why you have to add alt text into each image in your blog posts to tell the Google bot about what the image and post is all about.

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Well, let’s come to the main topic, How to add title, alt tag and caption into Google blogger post images. You don’t have to do this manually, it can be done officially by blogger. but i noticed that most of blogspot users are not aware about where is this option available into blogger post editor or they not aware about the importance of image optimization for search engine.  So, after reading above paragraphs i hope now you are fully knowledgeable about the importance of image optimization  and if you don’t know how to add alt tag, title, and caption to blogger post images then follow the simple steps given below.

How to Add Title and Alt Tag in blogger post images


In order to add title and alt tags in your post images you have to do is just go to the post editor in your blog, and upload any image related to your article and add it into the post. ( before uploading image you should check the name of your image file. it must be relevant to your image and your post. )


After adding image to your post, select the image by clicking on it, then you will see few options will be appear for image that you can use to change your image size, Image position, and as you can see in the screenshot below there is second last option with named “Properties”
Blogger Post Image


Click on “Properties” option then new pop-up will be appear with option of adding Title text and alt tag text. Simply provide title and alt tag text related to your image ( don’t try to do keyword stuff , you have to just describe about your image in short. ) Finally click “Ok” and your alt and title text will be added to your image HTML itself. You can see how alt tag and title text looks like in HTML by change the post editor into HTML mode.
Add Title and Alt Tag to blogger post image

How to Add Caption into Blogger Post Images.

Well, we already discussed 2 advantages of adding alt tag in images, then let me tell the advantages of adding caption into blogger post images.

You might be noticed in the websites like BBC or The New York Times or Wikipedia. there always display images with stylish box at the right or left side of the page. Into the box you will also notice a short or long text caption just after the image containing description about the image or copyright information. There is best two reason of adding captions along with the image, first reason is that it will be look stylish and read friendly , Readers can easily get the idea about what the images is all about from the small caption without having to read the full article of yours. and other good advantage of adding caption is that It also works as alt tags, Caption describe the image in text So, there is good chances to getting your image rank well on search engines

So, let’s add the caption text to the image in blogger.


First of all you need to do is just go to the Post editor > Choose and upload the picture related to your post.


Clink on the image, then a small menu bar will be pop-up with the options right after the image. there you will see few options to edit/customize your image and as you can see in the screenshot below, there is last third option with named “Add Caption”
Adding caption to blogger post image


Simply , click on the “Add Caption” link, and write the caption about the image or you can also write about the copyright information into the caption area. caption text will automatically centered below the photo.
Blogger Post image with caption


If you want to remove the caption then just click on the image again, menu bar will be pops up, This time in the top of the image.
Remove caption from the image in blogger


Simply, click on “Remove Caption” then your caption will be removed.

Enjoy the blogging.. :)