Here comes an amazing and outstanding widget that will help you to increase the page views and readership, when your blog traffic is gradually decreasing. At that moment you just feel as if this widget is just made for you as I felt the same when I used this widget. If you feel like being a professional blogger and want to taste the feeling of the successful blogger then this is the widget that you should must download and install it, and you can make your readers stay on your blog for a long period of time.
But I have found that many of the blogs failed to provide with the exact and the best way to get this widget, but I found nrelate which is of the great help for this purpose.

You can easily install nRelate (related posts widget) to your Blogger, WordPress or any other website, but to make you free from any kind of confusion and trouble I will show you how to add the Customizable Related Post Widget to Blogger/blog using relate.

Default nRelate Widget Style

How To Add Related Post Widget In Blogger

1) Go to and Sign For New Account -> Activate Your Account
2) Click Install Tab -> Blogger
3) Enter Blog URL Which You Want to Add Nrelated Post Widget For Blogger. Than Click “Submit”

4) On the next page select option where you want to show related post. I recommend to select Post only!


5) Click the “Add to Blogger” button below and then click “Add Widget”.
6) It may take up to 2 hours before appearing on your site.
7) After clicking the Add to Blogger button you will be presented with a option to Add widget to your blog. Select your blog and click the Add Widget button as shown in the following image.

Its all done, You have successfully installed this widget on your blog.Now, learn how to customize this widget. 

How To Customize nRelate Widget ?

You can customize your site from nRelate menu.See options given below:

1) Go to Manage Setting -> Blogger -> Main Settings
2) Choose maximum number of related posts to display from your site and set thumbnail size
3) In Advertising Settings you can enable ads if you want to make money from your blog.
4) You can support nrelate by displaying their logo.

Customizing Thumbnail Style For This Widget
You can customize this related post widget thumbnails style also. There are 5+ awesome style available for your related post widget. You can select from that drop down option in “Manage Setting -> Blogger -> Styles “

I hope you enjoy this article and related post widget for blogger by best widget not only easy to customize but also very easy to use.Give your views about this widget.