Google+ Follower gadget displays your total Google Plus audience. It works exactly like Blogger Friend Connect widget because it also displays the Faces of the followers in the form of small thumbnails. Moreover, it also has a Follow button that allows new users to follow you on Google+. Thus, it increases the viewership of your site either via Google+ Stream, or by your site. Consider the following screenshot to learn more about how this widget appears.

1Preview :

How To Add Google+ Followers Widget in Blogger?

To be able to add Google plus follower widget, first we have to connect our blogger profile to Google+ so it can easily drive all the data to our blog. Remember: If you have already connected your profile with Google+ then ignore the Step:1 and directly jump to Step:2.
Step:1 – Connecting Blogger Profile With Google Plus:

  • Go to >>
  • then from the list of tabs select Google+ and move to the next step.
  • 3Now select Upgrade to Google+ button, which will be appearing at the top right corner of your screen.


  • Then a new window will pop out which will offer a Small TOS (Terms of Service) just read it carefully and check (Tick) the box agreeing to their terms. Now Press the “Switch Button” and proceed to the next step.


  • Now a new window will be open which will display the list of all your blogs which are hosted at Blogger. Just check all those Blogs that you want to display on your Google+ profile. This will give more exposure to your site and a free dofollow backlink. Sounds incredible? Indeed. However, if a person is not sure then he can select “Skip” button to proceed to the next step.


  • Everything is setup, and we are about to enter in Google+ Profile. The interface will remain the same, but now your Google+ profile is swap with Blogger profile (displaying on the top right corner). Consider the following screenshot to resolve the confusion.

Step:2- Adding Google+ Followers Widget in Blogger:

  • Go to Blogger >> Layout >> Add a Gadget
  • From the list of gadgets select Google+ Follower.


  • All Done: Now saves the widget by pressing the Save button and that’s it. Now visit your site and enjoy the true pleasure of a tremendous widget.

To be honest, it is one the greatest widget ever. It has all the functionalities and flexibilities that a blog requires. Though, we cannot customize it because it is still extremely new. However, in near future we will be able to tweak it for superior enhancements. The only sad thing about this widget is that it is only available for Blogger platform, so WordPress users have to wait a little more. What are your thoughts about this Widget? Give your precious reviews till then, Peace. Blessing and happing Googling.