Just creating a blog and writing posts cannot make it popular, unless and until you make a proper plan and share it wisely and to do so there are many options available for the bloggers at the present time. The most common, popular and successful means to get a good number of followers for your blog is through social media i.e., through social networking sites like that of Facebook, Twitter and so on. You cannot just suggest each and every reader and visitors of your blog to follow me and so, in that case you can add up an interesting and outstanding widget namely follow me button widget by which visitors can follow your blog whether on Facebook or Twitter with respect to the kind of add me button widget added. In this post I will tell you the simple steps to add up a Twitter follow me button widget.

These are the widgets based on Flash animations and have some nice effects.These buttons can help Twitter Flash Spice up your blogs, Websites and can help you gain more followers on Twitter. These are designed and developed by twitterflash.net. I’m taking all the 15 types of one-click install to your blog. So have a look on them.

How to Add Flash Twitter Button to Blogger?

  1. Click on “Widget Generator” button below.
  2. Choose Any Flash Follow Me Button As You Want
  3. Replace nitinmaheta With Your Twitter User Name
  4. Customize Width And Height as You Need
  5. Click on “Generate” Button to get widget code, and then add it to your blog as a widget ( Learn : How to add widget or gadget to blogger)