It seems like Facebook testing call to action button on organic video posts. I just noticed this feature by yesterday while uploading a video to one of my Facebook page. Well, if you don’t know about call to action button, Previously, this feature was available for advertisers only. and even it was offered for any type of posts on Facebook. but now it is available for free for everyone. However, the option appears only into video posts and only into Facebook pages.

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Here are the options currently available for call-to-action buttons:

Facebook Call to Action button for Videos

People shares videos more than pictures and normal status with link, So if you share more videos on your Facebook page with Call to action button, Definitely You can generate a decent audience to your page or website.

I have tested this new feature on Making Differente’s Page And it works cool !! I just uploaded a video and inserted a call to action button which appears at the end of the video like this :

Call to action button in Facebook Video