Tomb Raider fans rejoice – Lara Croft is heading to your Android phone in her usual, adrenaline filled fashion. New game Lara Croft: Relic Hunter lets you explore the true depth of the Tomb Raider world by combining the best elements of the original action adventure games with the excitement of an endless runner. What’s more, thanks to designers Square Enix, all the excitement now fits into the palm of your hand thanks to the fully optimized Android gaming engine.

Tomb Raider

Whilst endless runners have traditionally been considered as part of the casual gaming spectrum and have sometimes been seen as purely disposable in nature, Lara Croft: Relic Hunter stands head and shoulders above others in the genre – making it a truly enjoyable game to play. Sufficiently challenging to keep your attention but still intuitive enough so that you can just pick it up whilst on the move, Relic Hunter both looks and plays beautifully on most Android devices.

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Brave New Worlds

One of the most appealing aspects of Relic Hunter is that, rather than randomly generated backdrops and scenery, players get to guide Lara Croft through a host of intricately detailed new worlds. Including arid deserts, tropical jungles and ancient tombs, you must battle deadly dinosaurs and other monstrous creatures in order to reach you goal.

By introducing parkour style moves and animations, you’ll also find that Lara Croft: Relic Hunter is a great piece of modern gaming – bringing the very latest dynamics and controls to your Android device. This means you can effortlessly navigate the challenging terrain as you collect the aforementioned relics and complete this exciting game as fast as possible. Start running now and you will quickly become master of the latest Tomb Raider world as you sprint, jump, dive and swing your way to success.

What’s more, the game itself is completely free to download at Browsergamez, with more info on this and other games to be found on their magazine. Those who loved the original Tomb Raider franchise will appreciate the attention to detail and authentic feel of Lara Croft: Relic Hunter, where you have the option of unlocking further features as you progress through the game. This, combined with the fast-paced gameplay and addictive challenges mean that Relic Hunter is truly one of the best endless runner games currently available for Android devices.