Oh crap! What I saw! It’s really hilarious! How people like this can come out from their house? This is the normal expression that one delivers whenever they see anyone with terrible face! Have you ever tried to hunt for the story that lay behind that horrible face? The story may horrify you to the extent that may exceed your experience after you saw that person. These days a common story that lay behind these scenes are acid attack and the reasons are tremendous- jealousy, love turned into hatred, enmity etc. but do these excuse are really worthy to destroy someone’s life to the extent that he/she hate to survive every moment so as their family and loved ones.

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Punishment given to the attacker

Surprisingly these attackers are punished for a very short span of time and often get relief through bail. They continue to harass the victim and already the half dead victim thinks his life as a suicidal one! They are not only proud on their work but at the same time they think it to be wrong from the victim’s part to lodge a police complains. Results are sometimes disastrous!

Steps taken by government

These victims get negligible compensation from the government and a whole lot of insult from mass. In case if they are the bread winners then that small compensation cannot be sufficient to support the entire family and may have terrible results. On the other hand the medication charges are so high that parents often bank corrupt while preceding the treatment.

What government should do?

These patients should be treated at a very low rate and medicines should also provide to them at discounted price. When they recover a government job should be provided to them as no other clan of society are willing to fill the vacancy with ugly faces.


Yes the compensation provided by our government is actually nothing and this amount should be increased! No doubt the best part will be if they could restrict the acid attacks but if it is impossible from their part then at least should give them that amount by which they can survive till they are alive! Providing job will be the best way as this attack could snatch away the looks but not the talent that one has! According to the qualification they should provide them a job!

Surprising fact

Every year a considerable number of females are being hit by this acid attack and in maximum cases the reason behind it is connected to love. In no regard love teach to build scars as it is build to mend the old ones! Often it is seen that family plays a negative role in handling such patients and often pray for their dismal. Where was the fault of the victim in these cases! If government decides to pay them a considerable amount than at least they will not become a load to anyone and in case if a job is provided to them then they could even build their lost confidence.

Scary faces can have sweet smiles; you are just requiring looking behind the ugly scars!