Purchasing items from a local store is always a thing which people regularly do. But due to lack of cash and unavailability of accepting debit cards, it is not possible to convert everything into sales. The idea of accepting credit cards can easily increase the sales upto 40%. If you own a small business and wish to increase your sales with the help of technology, you can easily opt for a mobile credit card reader. SumUp has come up with some advanced services of General Mobile Point of Sales Industry. Here is a guide for you to know more about how to accept Credit Cards for Small Business.


How to Accept Credit Cards for In-Store Sales

In order to accept credit cards for an in-store sales, all that you need to bring is a Credit Card reader or a POS system. Devices such as MPOS comes to be every handy in such situations.

How It Works?
In order to accept the credit cards, the MPOS actually helps to swipe the credit card and to easily complete the transaction. The card reader is connected to the internet services through the POS system. Just after the card is swiped, the payment information is transmitted for approval through the merchant account. Just after a few moments, you shall receive a confirmation from the merchant that the transaction was approved or declined. If approved, the transaction is completed instantly and it is provided to the store account in just a span of 1-2 days. Having an MPOS system in the store actually helps a lot to accept credit cards in the stores and also gets everything done easily.

What it Costs?
The general concept of in store purchases with the help of POS has the lowest processing fees. Generally, the chances for fraud are very low and the processing fee is around 2.75% which may vary for different purchases.


How to Accept Credit Cards for Online Sales

In order to complete transactions for Online Sales, there are a few basic things that you would always need. To complete the transactions, you would require a proper Ecommerce Platform with the help of a secure checkout. Apart from this, you would also require a secure payment Gateway. Along with the payment gateway there is one more thing which you need. You need to have a merchant account which is associated with the online payments.

How it works?
To accept the credit cards in the online payment, all that you need to have is an ecommerce platform. The platform must have a secured checkout which will help in completing the transacting. Depending o the merchant account as well as the online store, you need a payment gateway which can easily accept and process the payments in the online store. There are many merchants who offer gateways; you can even try them out. However, when an online customer enters the credit card information, the online payment support usually helps to direct the page to the gateway. The gateway then secures the information and then sends it over the internet for the approval through the merchant account. The purchase is instantly approved or even declined. If the payment is approved, it would be directly sent to the vendor merchant account automatically.

What it costs?
The charges behind the online sales as well as the processing fees are just a touch higher than that of the POS system. The charges are roughly around 2.9%. This is a bit higher than that of the mobile and in-store payments.


How to Accept Credit Cards for Mobile Sales

To accept payments while deliveries in small businesses, you would require a Mobile Credit Card reader. To operate these readers, the vendors would also require a compatible smartphone or a tablet which will support the software. Also, you would need a Merchant account that will easily handle the mobile payments.

How it works?
To accept credit cards for mobile shopping, the first thing that you need is a Mobile cash Register. A trusted source of Mobile Card Readers is SumUp. The manufacturers are one of the leaders in the industry in Europe and also in USA. To accept the credit cards in a mobile sales setting, all that you need is a mobile credit card that will always connect with the smartphone or with the tablet. The readers can easily accept almost every type of credit cards and simply swipe them to complete the payment. Now, the payment information is sent through the cellular or even a Wi-Fi connection to the merchant account for the approval. Once the payment is approved, you can instantly receive and confirmation that the transaction is approved. You can now easily complete the sale and also the merchant account provider deposits the funds to the accounts.

What it Costs?
The charges of the in-store sales, the charges of the mobile sales are pretty similar. It has the lowest processing fees which is around 2.75% for the mobile sales which is quite comfortable for everyone to use.