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Firstly, me the admin of this blog welcomes you heartily and warmly, in this blog of mine, you will find everything that you are searching for, whether it may be how to’s related article or tips and tricks articles, articles on various topics like blogging, SEO, computing, festivals, health and much more. When you get such a vast variety of niche in just one blog, then isn’t it interesting to know about such an amazing blog and about the admin. So here  I will tell you everything about me and my blog, as this is a blog for anyone who just loves blogging and everything about blogging.

About  Nitin Maheta:

Nitin MahetaNitin Maheta is a part time blogger, providing cool and unique contents to his readers. As Nitin is very passionate about blogging and everything related to blogging, he continues to be a blogger even after being a manager at garment showroom.

Nitin Maheta is currently living in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, from where he manages his blog and its related queries. While blogging is his passion, meanwhile traveling, reading books, painting are few of his hobbies. As I said Nitin is passionate about blogging, but this passion of computing and the internet is not from now or a few years back, but he is passionate about computing, internet from his childhood.

How must have his journey of being such a cool blogger must have been started? All these started in the year of 2010, when he first created his blog. This idea struck his mind while talking to his friends, when he heard about blogging from one among of his friends.

And after the hard work and involvement of lots of time and dedication, he tasted the success of his blog making different after almost 3 years.

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About Making Different :

I started making different in the year 2010 on a Google blogspot platform with a domain gj37765.blogspot.com on 17 of January 2013, purchasing a custom domain name as www.makingdifferent.com and after the span of 3 years i migrated my blog from blogspot to WordPress.

The latest and the new custom design of Making Different was launched on 17th January 2014, making it look cooler and outstanding.

You will find everything on Making Different which will help you out in many ways and aspects whether you are looking for posts related to blogging, SEO, festivals, computing and much more.

The aim of Making Different

What is the main aim behind his blog? And the main aim behind this blog is educating you everyday’s online and offline topics and serving you the best thing from their side.

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Good news for blogger or a writer

Here is a good news for all the bloggers and the content writer out there, if you wish or desire to share your knowledge and experience with the making different audience then you are always and most welcome from our side, and for this you don’t need to pay or loosen your wallet, instead you just have to create your account with making different and choose the beast topic by which you are totally comfortable and can write easily on. And you can proceed with your writing part, and you can also share your unique ideas and views related to latest technologies or anything in the market.

If you provide this blog with any kind of content and it gets accepted and published in the blog, then you will be able to see your bio at the end of your post, by which you can also be known by the audience of making different. [Learn more]