Nearly everyone has a smartphone in today’s technologically advanced world. With a smartphone, the world is truly at your fingertips. Whether you need to order something online or browse the local traffic, you can do it from the convenience of your phone. Even better, there are a variety of apps that make it easier to use your phone. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose the right apps. However, most people can benefit from the following seven apps.

Smartphone with cloud of application icons

1. To Do List: Many people use their phones instead of the old-school day planners. Smartphones make it easier to schedule activities and stay up to date on your to-do list. Even better, there are a variety of apps that can help you stay organized on your phone. A task manager app or a to-do list is especially beneficial.

2. TV: Today’s technology allows people to stream television through their phones, and many cable providers even have special apps. some companies offer a wide range of viewing options and channels. Some apps even allow you to stream previously aired TV shows. This gives you a lot of flexibility, and enables you to watch shows on your own time. Many people also like that they can watch their favorite programs wherever they are.

3. GPS: Getting from one location to another is much easier when you have a smartphone. You can use online maps and GPS to figure out where you are going. Some apps even offer more than basic directions. They will provide you with suggested places to visit such as parks, coffee shops, or shopping venues.

4. Social Media: Staying up to date with the latest in social media is easier with a smartphone. You can download an app for the specific platform you use, or you can find an app that integrates all of your social media content in one location. This makes it more convenient to check in socially and network. It also helps people stay more connected.

5. Email: In addition to staying connected socially, it is important to say connected through email. The right app will keep all of your emails in the same place. This is particularly important if you have more than one email. Apps can also help you organize the content on your emails.

6. Finances: Staying on top of your finances is easier when you have the right apps. Most of today’s banks provide mobile apps in addition to online banking. This way you always know where you stand financially. You can even check the market from your phone to see how your stocks are performing.

7. Deals: There are several apps that offer deals on the things you buy daily. Whether you are looking for free food or deals on your clothing, you can usually find them with the right app. It is also extremely common for companies to offer exclusive mobile coupons.

If you have a smartphone, make sure you are using it for more than talk and text. Take advantage of these valuable apps.