There are people who don’t say Thank You as often as they should and I doubt that even I am one of those people. I do believe that Thank You is one of the most underused and under-appreciated phrases. But, it is one of those phrases which can be used almost in every situation. And even Thank You is a word which is a better response to some situations rather than what we actually up saying. Today, I am here with 7 common situations when you should say Thank You.


1. While receiving a Compliment

We people usually devalue the compliment or ruin it with our over humbleness. We think that it prevents us from being smug or arrogant. But we actually deflect the praise which we receive as a compliment. We actually don’t acknowledge the person who gives us the compliment. A simple thank you can give an acknowledgment to the person who is being nice to you by giving a compliment and even the person will allow you to enjoy your moment of happiness.

For instance,
You played really well.
Instead of saying, ‘I could have been better.’ Try saying, ‘Thank you. It was a good day.’

When you fully accept a compliment, there is something empowering. Deflecting a phrase means that you really didn’t accept it as your own. Saying Thank You for a compliment simply weighs down the compliment and it becomes truly yours. It actually helps your mind in building up for the compliments you receive. Receiving compliments is enjoyable and fun, but sometimes we ruin the situation and experience. Just accept the compliments which come your way with grace rather than undermining them.

2. When you are running late

Running late is a stressful situation for the person and it is worst. It is disrespect to the person who is waiting for you. You might feel strange in saying thank you to a person who dealt with your hassle, but actually, it is a correct phrase. There are people who usually say, ‘Sorry, I am late’ (even we say the same phrase). But actually, this phrase makes the whole situation about you. Saying Thank You to the person acknowledges the time spent by the other person who waited for you. So, you must say, ‘Thank You for waiting.’

For instance,
You walk into a meeting 20 minutes late.
Instead of saying, ‘So sorry I am late due to traffic.’ Try saying, ‘Thank you for your patience.’

Sometimes people do make a sacrifice when we do a mistake. Everyone apologize for their own failure which is a default approach. But it is better to praise the other person’s loyalty and patience. Despite your error, just thank the people for what they did.

3. While comforting someone

It is quite really awkward when someone comes to you with a bad news. Usually, people pay a visit to their good or best friend to be comfortable in their situation. And most of the people don’t even know that how to react. I am too experienced for the same situation before. often we people say, ‘Well, at least you have…’ But it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to say. All that matters is to thank the person for trusting you.

For instance,
Your colleague’s mother passed away.
Instead of saying, ‘At least you have her memories with you’. Try saying, ‘Thank you for sharing your sorrow with me. It is a hard time. Be strong.’

In the times of suffering, we people often urge for a person who can share our pain rather than those pain easing words. When you are confused about what to say, just be there and say Thank You.

4. While receiving a helpful feedback

Feedbacks are quite really helpful, but we rarely receive or see them in that way. no matter whether you receive an email from your unhappy customer or not so flattering review from your boss, your reaction must not be a defensive one. You must say, ‘Thank you for your feedback. I will work for an improvement on the same.’

For instance,
Your presentation wasn’t actually good enough. I think you can do much better.
Instead of saying, ‘You have no idea what actually happened.’ Try saying, ‘Thank you for believing in me and expecting more.’

Failures are part of life, but none of us really likes to fail. So, it is best to respond back with Thanks to a feedback and use it for your future improvements to become better.

5. While receiving Unfair Criticism

Sometimes people receive criticism in a negative way and sometimes it’s even mean and vindictive as well as isn’t helpful too. But the best way to deal with your haters is to say Thank You and move on. When someone criticizes you, just remember to say Thank You because it just neutralizes their statements power. If it is not a big deal for you to receive a criticism, then it won’t grow into any argument.

For instance,
Your theme of your project is the dumbest one I have ever gone through.
Instead of saying, ‘Don’t judge me without knowing the reason behind it.’ Try saying, ‘Thank you. Your feedback will help me in improving further.’

It is actually a sign of maturity when you try winning an argument. If someone says anything wrong about you, then just live your life and win the argument.

6. While receiving an unsolicited advice

This shows up a lot in an office or in a gym or anywhere you work or try getting something for yourself. Everybody has their own opinions. Most of the people try being helpful, but sometimes it is really annoying to listen to those advice when you not even asked for any. When someone gives you an unsolicited advice, just move on and say Thank You.

For instance,
You know, it would be better if you do that exercise in this or the other way. Picture attached.
Instead of saying, ‘Do you have your picture of doing this exercise?’ Try saying, ‘Thank you for your advice.’

If you think that letting the other person know about their flaws will remove your own, then it is not. No matter whether you receive an unsolicited advice, say thanks to those who helped in raising your self-awareness.

7. When you are in doubt

When you are in a doubt, whether to thank someone or not, just say Thanks. Because I don’t think that there is any downside of thanking people. Just say Thank You more often.

Saying Thank You is appropriate in every situation. So, you need not hesitate anymore and say thank you more often especially when someone appreciates you and be by your side always.